December 2, 2023


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Mancuso Business Development Group celebrating women-owned small businesses in October | Top Story

BATAVIA – Mancuso Business Development Group of Batavia will host for a third consecutive year an event featuring women business owners sharing their stories as part of a celebration for National Women Owned Small Business Month.

The October celebration comes as the number of women-owned businesses accounts for almost half of the small businesses within the United States.

The recognition pays tribute to entrepreneurs’ while events scheduled throughout the month offer guidance to new business owners as they embark on new endeavors.

In addition to recognizing creative and influential women within the community, Mancuso BDG is offering three months free rent for leased space at 56 Harvester Ave., Batavia, for women-owned small businesses who sign a 15-month lease. The offer is valid through Oct. 31.

The Harvester Center BIC offers plenty of space and can be designed to accommodate a preferred business model.

“Whatever they need for their business, we can make work. Whether they need a smaller or larger space – this is really the evolution of space, considering how much we can change to make it work. It really shows that with time, money, and skills we can really adapt to anything,” said Bev Mancuso of Mancuso Business Development Group.

Anyone who is interested in starting a new small business should reach out to Mancuso Business Development Group Site Coordinator Jarrod Clark to discuss the details of the proposed deal for new business owners.

“For us, it’s always about jobs and helping people in small businesses succeed,” said Bev Mancuso. “Sometimes, people don’t know where to start. It’s not right for everyone but we try to help them focus on a plan that will be successful.”

How women-owned businesses have started is one of the topics likely to be discussed during the Mancuso roundtable.

Female business owners, who have participated in past events, said they found the event “invigorating.”

“There is a cohort of women in the community who operate successful businesses,” said Bev Mancuso. “It’s nice to know they are there and can help.”

Past Women’s Small Business Events highlighted a combination of women who own a business in the Harvester Center BIC and women who own small businesses within the community. The women discussed their journey and experiences as small business owners and expressed the ups-and-downs of launching a successful business.

Due to COVID-19, the event will be different this year. At this point, Mancuso Business Development Group is undecided about how they will present the event – virtual or in-person.

“It depends on how comfortable people feel about attending the event, in person,” said Bev Mancuso.

Visit its website at for updates.

The event is a great starting point for those who are considering launching a new business or those individuals who are looking for some guidance pertaining to financial resources.

“Part of the challenge is that women are compassionate. They tend to think of a lot of different things, or scenarios, and that can often prevent them from moving forward with starting a business,” Bev Mancuso said. “We’re here to help.”

Mancuso Business Development Group also encourages those currently running a business out of a home to reach out to the group to help them set up an event geared toward guiding other people in the community who wish to operate their business in a similar manner.

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