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a group of people standing in a room: The actual communication can bring various assumptions to different individuals.

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The actual communication can bring various assumptions to different individuals.

Durian and the glutinous rice makes a perfect delicacy. However, if the glutinous rice has too much coconut milk, the food will no longer be enjoyable because the rice will be too soiled and soft.

The same thing happens if we talk carelessly… a good story or message with a good substance will not be delivered successfully if the delivery is wrong.

The proverb ‘kerana pulut santan binasa, kerana mulut badan binasa’ (too much talking is bad for you) reflects on various effects and assumptions that can emerge from communication.

In today’s digital technology growth, ‘badan binasa’ is not only caused by the mouth but also by our active fingers on the keyboard.

This proverb reminds us that poor choice of words can become detrimental to onself and to others.

This may be ongoing and difficult to be unraveled. In this modern day and age, it is easy for a message to go viral in such a short time.

Anything that a person says or anything that he or she writes using the keyboard will easily be known publicly.

If the written or verbal message offends any other individual, it is difficult to retract, it might be hurtful and offend other people. This will worsen if the message is misunderstood. It will also be a bad thing if one is too excited or too emotional, causing the real purpose of the communication defeated.

With minor errors or blunders in communication, various issues and conflicts among individuals can emerge, be it in one’s personal life or career.

The public knows that communication is an important activity in human life and most of the time is spent communicating. We connect with one another to deliver and receive information, express feelings, influence others and so on.

It becomes the mainstay to the existence, development and success of an organisation. Thus, it is important for us to understand the good and bad effects of the communicative method adopted.

The actual communication can bring various assumptions to different individuals.

Managers need to understand that in the era today, communication that comes in the form of direct, harsh orders is no longer effective in bringing about a sense of loyalty and respect among the workers.

The assumption that using polite words and being courteous will make workers take advantage of the managers and the work will be delayed is totally inaccurate.

The harshness of a manager when giving orders to his workers can only bring about temporary sense of loyalty. Thus, when manager is not in the office, what we can picture is this proverbial scenario – when the cat is away, the mice are dancing around!

Workers will feel calm and contented as they can ‘take a break’ for a while without having to receive any orders or instructions that can be strenuous and annoying.

If workers find it fun and relieving in the absence of the manager, it is a sign that the manager or leader might have a problem with his communication and leadership.

There are also individuals who like to take advantage of the freedom of speech and communication. There are times that they fabricate their stories, not reporting the truth or what is right.

What is even worse is that no one wants to be held responsible for the fake information that has spread.

This misuse of freedom of speech is not only violating the laws, but also the slander and the false news that might spread from the communication is able to ruin one’s personal life, the organisation and the country.

The studies of the management and organisational behaviour show that the various human resource issues are caused by communicative issues.

Studies have also shown that a good relationship between managers and workers play a very important role in ensuring the progress of the tasks and in forming a more harmonious communication.

Such communication will continue to produce a good understanding and minimise the conflict in the organisation.

Communicative issues in organisation cannot be seen as trivial and it serves as the best method to solve many issues that have taken place in the organisation.

The success of communication depends on the soul and eart of the communicating parties.

Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

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