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Itala for Ruqeya escort wrote:
I see accepting exclusivity without commitment as hustling backwards if you're a woman. What do you see yourself as standing to gain from such an arrangement, OP? see the review
Giles for Jiying escort wrote:
Well, see, he said before he wants me to be his girl which I assume to mean girlfriend. So, I am not sure if he means girlfriend or just dating each other. Well, my ex and I were exclusive and it worked out for nearly 4 years. So, I guess I would hope it naturally progresses into an actual relationship, providing we still like each other and are on the same page. see the review
Jordanna for Iluminada escort wrote:
It is not an uncommon situation. see the review
Kaleidoscope for Perceptia escort wrote:
It is a double standard and hypocritical but it is what it is... see the review
Hazard for Bojan escort wrote:
You're right. But he mentioned me being his girl. see the review
Tavener for Ene Rita escort wrote:
That's an interesting conclusion to come to. Exclusivity just means not seeing other people...It says nothing about his desire to get in your pants. But I must say every time a guy asked to be bf/gf after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd date I always assumed he was trying to get in my pants. He thought I'd be more likely to go to bed with a complete stranger if that complete stranger was my 'boyfriend'. see the review
Stamats for Tyronesdotter escort wrote:
Yeah, that's true. I mean I don't mind if he wants sex. When you are attracted to someone, why wouldn't you want them...I want sex too,lol!But I want sex in a serious relationship. see the review
Transfigure for Rungnisorn escort wrote:
No....that would take some time.... see the review
Padroni for Natawipha escort wrote:
Great.....take all the time needed to decide... see the review
Bangkok for Prayoon escort wrote:
[/QUOTE] see the review
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