April 22, 2024


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Virtual marathon funding scholarship help students of color achieve goals beyond high school

KIRKWOOD, Mo. – Kirkwood Teachers of Color want to give students of color in their district the opportunity for a bright future despite their financial situation. They’ve banded together to create a scholarship that will go to one graduating student every year.

Romona Miller is an assistant principal at Kirkwood High School and a member of Kirkwood Teachers of Color.

“This will be a scholarship we will have each year that we will give to one student. They will apply. It will be a student of color in the Kirkwood School District, and we are hopeful that when we are long gone from Kirkwood, that this will be a perpetual scholarship and continue to support out students of color.”

This is unlike anything that has ever been done in the Kirkwood School District. In fact, this is the first year the scholarship will be awarded to any Kirkwood student. In order to raise funds for the Kirkwood Teacher of Color Scholarship, the members organized a virtual fundraiser – The Glory Run/Walk Virtual Marathon.

It is only $30 to register and everyone encouraged to participate. Once you register online through the link provided on the Kirkwood Teachers of Color Facebook or Twitter pages, you will be mailed a t-shirt. Participants will have the entire month of October to complete 26.2 miles on their feet (running or walking) or 100 miles if they decide to bike.

More than 600 people are currently registered, and they’ve exceeded their fundraising goal of $20,000. Of course, more registrations and donations are welcomed, and if working out just isn’t your thing, there is an option for you as well.

“We have an option for those who are couch runners,” Miller said. “They can make a donation, receive a t-shirt, and never have to leave their couch.”

Registration for The Glory Run/Walk Virtual Marathon is open until October 4. All of the money raised will be used to fund the Kirkwood Teachers of Color Scholarship that will help support one graduating student of color each year in their pursuit of higher education or technical skill training.

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