September 23, 2023


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Tips on how your organisation can set up a successful leadership development program

The famous saying” a king is not born, but made” applies most importantly to organizations with roles that need credible and reliable personnel to occupy. There is a need for organizations to have leadership development programs in place to enable them to solve difficulties that might arise from people leaving or sadly dying.

The program helps employees in organizations that have one in place by teaching them about the organization’s cultural values, to enable them to serve the company in any leadership position they are offered. It is sad to state that most organizations send their employees to sister organizations with programs in place for mentoring. The truth is that your organization can set up a leadership development program to develop employees as leaders.

This article will give you the basic ideas to enable you to put a framework in place for a successful leadership development program for your organization.

 Know your Organisations Leadership Demand

In life, change is constant and it occurs even in industries as staff comes and goes. That is why it is important that when your organization decides to put a leadership program in place they look at areas where leaders are required in both the short and long term. You should visit to learn how to identify areas that leaders are required in your organisation.

Identify Prospective Leaders

When selecting employees for development in the program you must make it a level playing ground, so you can identify those that are willing to take up leadership responsibilities in the organization and place them in the program.

 Experienced Instructors

Bringing in instructors with years of experience in leadership to share real-world examples and tips on how to become organizational leaders would help hasten their leadership education. These instructors can also serve as career mentors for the prospects.

 Develop the Prospects

It is important to note that not everyone is likely to continue training, so when creating your program you need to identify practical ways to help the prospective leaders to develop such as job rotation, project leadership, MBA programs, online courses, etc.

 Place them in Groups

The prospective leaders should be placed in small groups of 6 – 15 persons, where they can exchange ideas and skill sets. This group would serve as the first students for the program.

 Have a Set Goal
Each member of the group should be assigned a task with goals for both the short and long term, and mentors that would guide them in achieving the set-out goals.

 Constant Support

Once a prospective leader has achieved their assigned goal, they should be given continuous encouragement, and a time set out to meet as a group to discuss various ways to continually improve.

 Analyze Results

You should put in place a system where you can measure the results gotten from the program, to help put in place ways to improve the program in line with changes occurring in your organization or sector.

It is important to state that other factors play a role in creating a successful leadership development program as it concerns your organization. The above listed and briefly discussed tips are basics that would help you in any sector of the economy to develop leaders that will aid you in achieving your goals.