December 5, 2023


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Gardenia Foods, HanBaoBao, 1855 F&B among the 800 employers in Singapore offering jobs and skills opportunities

Despite being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, since April, more than 800 companies in Singapore’s food sector have offered close to 6,700 jobs and skills opportunities, of which 44% are for PMETs, i.e. professional, managers, executives and technicians.

These include roles such as Food Technologists, Chefs, F&B Services Managers and Business Development Managers. Roles for non-PMETs include Supervisors and General Foremen (Food Processing), Bakers, Pastry and Confectionery Makers, and Shop and Store Salespersons.

A majority of them are jobs, as confirmed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in its Jobs Situation Report – 6th Edition (21 Sep).

Companies that continue to hire include Tee Yih Jia, Gardenia Foods, Far Ocean, KH Roberts Group, RE&S Enterprises, Creative Eateries, 1855 F&B and HanBaoBao.

Salaries offered for the PMET and non-PMET roles vary according to the specific job nature and skills requirements.

[All salaries cited are in Singapore dollars]

For PMET roles, monthly salaries can range between S$2,300-S$5,250 for chefs; S$2,500-S$6,050 for manufacturing managers; S$2,800-S$6,000 for sales, marketing and business development managers; and a range of S$2,450-S$3,300 for F&B service managers. Details in the image below:

aditi sep 2020 mom salary job situation report 21 sep mom

For non-PMET roles, monthly salaries can range between S$2,250-S$2,750 for supervisors and general foremen (food processing); S$1,700-S$1,900 for bakers, pastry and confectionery makers; S$1,575-S$2,300 for shop and store salespersons; S$1,550-S$2,600 for bartenders and baristas; and a range of S$1,500-S$2,000 for waiters. Details in the image below:

aditi sep 2020 mom salary job situation report 21 sep mom chart 3

Overview of the food manufacturing and food services sub-sectors 

According to the report, the food manufacturing sub-sector is a growth sector comprising over 940 enterprises, contributing 1.1% to Singapore’s GDP and employing more than 48,000 workers. Food manufacturers have been capitalising on Singapore’s strong branding for food safety, quality and hygiene, and its strategic location, to export locally manufactured food products to overseas markets such as the ASEAN countries, Japan, Australia and China.

The Government has been working with businesses and workers in this sub-sector to promote food innovation, R&D, internationalisation, and automation.

At the same time, the food services sub-sector comprises over 10,000 enterprises, contributing 0.8% of Singapore’s GDP and employing over 180,000 workers. Within this diverse sector, more innovative companies are differentiating themselves with fresh dining concepts, products and services, to cater to increased and new consumer demands.

In line with this, the Government has been making a strong push for automation and artificial intelligence to improve productivity and jobs.

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