Foster the Four C’s of Learning in Professional Development with Technology

Next-generation education emphasizes the “Four C’s of learning” — critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity — which have become cornerstone skills for learners of all ages. In K–12 schools, integrating technology into the curriculum can bring those skills to life and transform the way students learn.

“Technology is a real enabler and accelerator for the four C’s,” says Helen Soulé, executive director of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, in a Common Sense Education video. “Through the resources and the networks that are available through technology, students can really engage in real-life experiences through their learning.”

Teaching those skills with technology requires the active support and readiness of school leaders and teachers. One way of showing that is by integrating the Four C’s framework into professional development opportunities.

MORE ON EDTECH: Discover the 5 key areas of technology professional development for teachers.

Applying the Four C’s Can Boost Technology Professional

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Boosting Student Outcomes Through Educator Professional Development

For teachers, professional development workshops can be exhilarating and inspiring. But sometimes, ideas sparked in an off-site seminar can be difficult — or impossible — to implement back in the classroom. Often, what’s lacking is individual context, time dedicated to putting new ideas into place, even on-the-ground resources.

The learning community at Sacred Heart Schools, a preschool and K-8 independent school in Chicago for students of all faiths, has found a unique way to address talent development to create better experiences and outcomes for students and enhanced job satisfaction for teachers in the classroom.

For more than six years, teachers at Sacred Heart Schools have found hands-on support through instructional coaches who are dedicated to helping them achieve their instructional goals.

“Instructional coaching is teacher-driven, targeted professional development. We work with teachers to identify what gaps they’d like to close. It might be a particular skill or classroom management technique

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First KU School of Professional Studies class starts this fall, pursues workforce-oriented education


What Investors With $3.4 Trillion Are Buying During Covid

(Bloomberg) — Hotels, pipelines, convenience stores and automaker bonds are among the assets being bought by some of the world’s biggest asset managers as they look for value in a world thrown into turmoil by the coronavirus pandemic.In interviews with sovereign wealth funds, pension firms and asset managers across Asia and Europe that collectively manage about $3.4 trillion, one thing was clear: many of them are avoiding the overheated stock market.The most common outlook was one of caution. They are mindful that much of the rebound in markets and private-company valuations is thanks to ultra-low interest rates, massive central bank stimulus and government fiscal support, some of which could start to be wound back in coming months.With asset values still seen as inflated, even in some hot areas like healthcare and technology, many are waiting for a potential second downturn

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Cynthia Fuhrmann awarded NIH grant to improve professional development in research training

Cynthia Fuhrmann.jpg
Cynthia N. Fuhrmann, PhD

A Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences research team’s far-reaching project to support professional development of early-career scientists received a significant boost recently with the award of a $2.3 million Innovative Programs to Enhance Research Training, or IPERT grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

The five-year grant supports the development of nationally sourced, competency-themed collections of evidence-based professional skills models, with training and mentoring for educators to aid their implementation within institutions, as well as support for evaluating their work according to rigorous protocols.

“Today’s early-career scientists need a wide breadth of skills to adapt to the diverse professional roles they will move into after their PhD or postdoctoral training,” said Cynthia N. Fuhrmann, PhD, who is principal investigator for the project. “They need to be aware of how science is done in both the private and public sectors, and to be able to

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Virtual staff mentoring and professional development program | WSU Insider

Washington State University is preparing to conduct a system wide pilot Virtual Staff Mentoring and Professional Development Program during the 2020–2021 academic year, beginning in October 2020 and running through May 2021.

To apply to be considered for the upcoming cohort, either as a mentee or mentor, please submit an application by 11:59 p.m. PST on Sept. 30, 2020.

With supervisory approval, the mentor/mentee program is available to all WSU staff. Supervisors are encouraged to allow staff members to participate in accordance with WSU’s BPPM 60.72 Release Time Policy.

Mentor: A mentor is a person who has professional and life experience and who voluntarily agrees to help a mentee develop skills, competencies, or goals. Put another way, a mentor is an advisor and role model who is willing to invest in the mentee’s personal growth and professional development.

Mentee: A mentee is someone who has identified a specific personal or

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COVID-19 Pandemic Creates Professional Gap Year Job Opportunity For Young American Special Education Teachers And Therapists

For over 12 years, Apex Social has matched European graduates in care professional fields such as education, therapy, and nursing with American and Australian host families. Now young American teachers and therapists can also benefit from this unique experiential learning job opportunity. The caregivers are fully integrated within their host families and the child’s interdisciplinary education or therapy team, which allows them to learn about new concepts and methods, which they will be able to utilize in their future careers.

“I’ve learned so much by being able to live and work with a child who has special needs on a daily basis, versus as a therapist, when I’d only see a client for thirty minutes once a week,” said Sabrina Kempkes, an Apex Social care professional from Germany currently living with a family in Los Angeles. “I’ve gained a greater understanding of how treatment can be incorporated into

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Why accounting is a valuable personal and professional development skill

a person sitting at a table using a laptop: Learning the basics of accounting will add value to your professional career as well as your personal life.

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Learning the basics of accounting will add value to your professional career as well as your personal life.

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One of the most overlooked versatile skills in the business world is accounting. Accounting is oftentimes misunderstood from those looking in. The field of work can be classified as a financial record-keeping for a business.

Businesses rely on in-house or outsourced accountants to generate reports to focus on three areas: business accounting, cost accounting, and managerial accounting. These three types of accounting help a business to run efficiently and profitably.

According to the Government of Canada’s Job Bank , the labour market for accountants over the next ten years is expected to remain steady. For accountants who are certified as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), the

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New pilot program aims to provide debt-free professional credential in child development

Eastern Michigan University’s (EMU) Engage@EMU office, Washtenaw Community College (WCC), and other local partners have collaborated on a new pilot program that will offer a child development certificate program to help county residents gain employment credentials at no cost.


Through the pilot program, students take four semesters of online courses through WCC and one practicum semester in Ypsilanti with another partner organization, The Collaborative: Ypsilanti YMCA Child Development Center. WCC will award college credit for the program and award a Child Development Certificate (CDC) to those who complete it, after which they can complete an assessment exam through the Council for Professional Recognition to obtain a national Child Development Associate (CDA) credential.


Beth Marshall, early childhood program coordinator at WCC and an early collaborator in the pilot program, says there’s a national shortage of qualified early childhood professionals, due in part to low pay.


“Most private child care programs

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Accounting is a valuable personal and professional development skill

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The 2020 Accounting Mastery Bootcamp Bundle helps those looking to start a career in accounting or wanting to learn the basics to develop those skills. Packed with 339 lessons, users start off with an introduction on how to manage business accounts, payroll, and asset management. From there, the “Intermediate Accounting & Bookkeeping” course covers everything you need to know about cost accounting including managing inventory, making adjustments, highlighting taxes, and more.

Furthermore, the accounting bootcamp covers understanding finance as a non-finance professional. Not only will this add value to your professional career but also to your personal life. The “Finance for Non-Financial Professionals” course covers practicals on how to read budgets, forecasts, and financial statements. Similarly, the “Business Math 101” course highlights ways to grow a business by looking at the behavior of investments.

Whether you are looking to learn the principles of accounting to add to

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