March 2, 2024


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New Format, New Opportunities: Professional Development for Young Professionals at the Virtual IAEA International Conference on Radiation Safety

With the recently announced virtual format of the upcoming International Conference on Radiation Safety comes expanded possibilities for young professionals to make themselves and their work known in the radiation safety field. Young professionals are invited to register and complete this form for the Conference’s online professional development programme by 16 October 2020.

The professional development programme will open with insight from international leaders about the importance of young professionals contributing to worldwide radiation protection work, including remarks from IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi and Secretary of UNSCEAR Borislava Batandjieva-Metcalf.

“For radiation safety to be sustained and further developed, national and international organizations need to create sustainable mechanisms and opportunities for young professionals to engage effectively and in a meaningful way at an early stage in their careers,” said Ms. Batandjieva-Metcalf.

The programme aims to encourage young professionals to further their experience and skills as part of the growing community of radiation safety advocates. Such advocates will ensure the continued safe and secure use of radiation and the corresponding benefits gained from its application in the various aspects of our daily life such as in health, agriculture and food as well as industry.

“Although the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak prevents Conference participants from meeting in person at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, young people will still have the unique opportunity to make new connections and get acquainted with experts in the radiation safety field without leaving home,” said Tony Colgan, Head of the IAEA Radiation Protection Unit and Technical Officer for the Conference.

The professional development programme will consist of a speaker series in which experts from the various fields of radiation safety will share personalized stories of their career paths and offer advice for those who wish to grow professionally. The interactive online programme will include the opportunity for young people to ask leaders and experienced professionals from the IAEA, international organizations, professional societies and regulatory bodies questions about their work and the challenges faced as well as virtual networking events for selected participants. You can see the detailed programme here.

Please note that any Conference participant is welcome to join the opening session of the programme, which will include useful tips and applicable guidance for all who are interested in advancing their careers in the radiation safety field regardless of age, by registering here.

Other opportunities

There are many other opportunities for young professionals to showcase their work as part of the Conference. The IAEA has invited selected young professionals to present their research during the oral sessions and many others will have posters on display. Now that the Conference technical sessions will be livestreamed and the posters presented digitally, presenters will be able to reach a wider audience by sharing their contributions to the radiation protection field online.

For more information about the International Conference on Radiation Safety, contact the Conference Secretariat or follow #RaSa2020 on social media.

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