April 24, 2024


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Virtua Education Set to Transform Households Across the Nation

Research on COVID-related school closures from March 2020 onward suggests that students could be a half to a full year behind academically when the new school year begins—a challenge called the “COVID Slide” that is likely to be compounded by continued school closures.

To counter this trend, Virtua Education combines artificial intelligence (AI) with the latest advances in learning science and neuroscience to develop personalized learning pathways in reading, math and science that’s easy to use for students and parents. The AI engine constantly adapts based on the learner’s focus, difficulty levels, and pace of learning, among other factors.  The platform boasts over 2,700 micro-lessons and a rich variety of other assets, including unlimited access to 25,000 age-appropriate eBooks including the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series,The Lord of the Rings Series, Garfield, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Berenstain Bears, audiobooks, magazine subscriptions including National Geographic Kids, online book clubs, online language instruction in Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese, other instructional videos and more.

Developed by the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op, the world’s largest buying club for homeschoolers and families for over a decade, Virtua Education offers kids in grades K-12 access to the world’s leading AI learning engine for the first time. Key features and functionality include:

  • The AI engine creates personalized learning pathways that plug gaps in knowledge and remedy misconceptions.
  • Easy-to-use data dashboards help parents to guide their children through their learning. Areas where the child requires additional support or challenge are quickly identified.
  • Families are provided with thousands of high-quality resources for use in a variety of learning models.

“As parents and students navigate this new normal during an unpredictable back to school season, Virtua Education is offering incredible educational content to supplement learning and to meet learners at their individual level. The platform also serves as a virtual aid for parents who are supporting their kids’ education during the school year – wherever it’s taking place,” said Jae Choi, CEO of Virtua Education. “We are excited to offer a tool that enhances the learning experience for the entire family at home.”

Virtua Education is available now for just $1 for a 30-day trial and then $29.99/month for the subscription. TV host and tech expert Katie Lindendoll recently featured Virtua Education as part of her  “What’s Cool For School” segment that was syndicated on broadcast and radio nationwide. For additional information or to purchase a subscription, visit www.virtuaeducation.com.

About Virtua Education

Virtua Education is a leading research-backed learning platform personalized for children’s individual needs to support households engaged in at home learning. By combining artificial intelligence (AI) with the latest advances in learning science and neuroscience, Virtua Education develops personalized learning pathways in reading, math and science for kids in K-12.  The all-in-one, AI powered platform, constantly adapts to a child’s learning level and boasts over 2,700 micro-lessons. It also provides unlimited access to 25,000 age-appropriate eBooks, online book clubs, magazine subscriptions, and much more. Developed by the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, the world’s largest buying club for homeschoolers and families since 2006, the Co-op represents nearly 300,000 families across the nation. For more information, please visit www.virtuaeducation.com, review Virtua’s helpful blogs for parents or follow Virtua Education on Facebook or Instagram.

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