September 24, 2023


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Students go back-to-school with scholarships | Lifestyle

DuBOIS — Bridge Educational Foundation and its donors, Braskem, Marcus & Mack, Waste Management and UnitedHealthcare, are pleased to announce $38,200 in scholarships for Clearfield, Elk, and Jefferson County families.

Students attending the following schools will benefit from the tuition scholarships; DuBois Area Catholic School, DuBois Christian School, Punxsutawney Christian School, SS. Cosmos and Damian School and St. Leo School.

Pennsylvania’s landmark Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program will celebrate two decades of success next year. The public-private partnership that the EITC creates is more important than ever for families that are suffering financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. EITC tuition scholarships can help to keep students in the schools that best fit their needs and allow new families the financial help to choose the best school to fit their family’s changing needs.

The Bridge Educational Foundation has provided educational tax credit scholarships to more than 30,0000 students in 61 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

“The EITC is providing families in Clearfield, Elk and Jefferson Counties and throughout the State with a choice. The program has paired community minded businesses like Marcus & Mack, Waste Management and UnitedHealthcare, with families since 2001. We hope that with the support of the continued support of, Senator Scarnati, Representative Dush and Representative Gabler, the EITC will allow more families the chance to choose the best educational options for their children,” concluded Natalie Nutt.

The educational tax credits are successful thanks to the participation of thousands of Pennsylvania businesses. In addition to the participating businesses, hundreds more remain on a waiting list for the educational tax credits.

Erika Young of Waste Management, a business participant in the EITC since 2001 offered, “Waste Management has a long history of donating to education. These investments to schools and educational programs help ensure the future of our communities by providing students with the opportunity to reach their full potential. As members of the community, we believe it is our job to live up to the highest standards of corporate and individual responsibility. The Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program in Pennsylvania is surely a win because it benefits the students who will become our future community leaders.”

The scholarship donations announced today are part of the K-12 and Pre-K EITC Programs.

The K-12 EITC tuition program provides companies with a 75 percent tax credit – 90 percent for a two-year commitment – for funds donated to approved, non-profit scholarship or educational improvement organizations businesses may donate up to $750,000 per year though the K-12 program. The Pre-K EITC initiative offers businesses up to $200,000 in tax credits annually at a 90% tax credit for funds donated to an approved, non-profit scholarship organization like the Bridge Educational Foundation.

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