September 26, 2023


education gives you strength

Science is at the root of our progress and well-being; don’t vote for science deniers

Science sometimes tells us things we don’t want to know. But rather than blame the scientists for having found out something, our forefathers and mothers empowered science to help solve problems. Without science, we wouldn’t be able to transplant organs or treat HIV/AIDS; have the medicines that many of us depend on daily; have the technology to send people into space; or be able to grow enough crops to feed the world.

Pretending that we don’t know an inconvenient fact doesn’t make it untrue; it forfeits our power to respond creatively and to explore policies that will have maximum impact at minimal cost. Delayed action due to ignorance and denial carries a huge cost when problems become crises and our response must be much more dramatic, more costly and more difficult.

Our greatest successes as civilization has evolved have been because we used what scientists discovered to make the world a better place. We must use what we know and put our political muscle into finding ways to adapt and evolve in ways that save lives and enhance our quality of life. Please vote for representation that relies on scientific fact to maximize our power to learn and adapt.

Debra H. Frantz,


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