December 5, 2023


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Porch pirates target pregnant special education teacher twice

DENVER (KDVR) — Porch pirates targeted a pregnant special education teacher in the Denver community, stealing sentimental items despite Ring cameras capturing everything.

Stephanie and Jason Stanton are five weeks out from becoming parents.

“This is our first and we’re super excited,” Stephanie said. 

This past weekend, baby shower excitement quickly turned into fear and frustration with a Ring camera notification.

“We were sitting in the Chicago airport when we got another Ring announcement,” Jason said, adding, “I’m like, ‘I bet someone is stealing our packages’ and sure enough, I pulled it right up, watched the person come up to the door, pull several packages from the door and scoot away.”

The items were presents off their registry for their unborn baby. 

“It is just kind of miserable and it feels crappy because it’s like, why steal these things? You don’t know what they are?” Stephanie said.

To make matters worse, this also happened two months ago — the last time this couple left home for their baby moon.

The Stantons showed the FOX31 Problem Solvers Ring video from July capturing a different porch pirate taking their sweet time with that theft.

“I had a baby bump box, so like it just has goodies for mom who’s expecting and he had some supplements that arrived and someone that came up,” Stephanie said. “Not only did they take those packages, they perused our front porch and took our pillows.”

“Yeah, monogrammed pillows, so whoever is J and S — they are appreciating those,” Jason said. 

The couple isn’t concerned about replacing these sentimental gifts. By sharing their footage and story with the Problem Solvers, the Stantons hope to protect other parents from these porch pirates.

“To have that loss for someone else will just be disheartening,” Stephanie said. 

Problem Solvers were able to grab pictures of the two suspects’ cars. The latest crook arrived in dark sedan that could be an older model Honda with the emblem missing.

The other suspect drove a white SUV with a different front driver’s side wheel, and it could be a Dodge Durango.

If you know anything about the thieves or where the cars are, contact Denver police.

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