September 23, 2023


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Oman to reduce fees of expat work permits, allows employees to switch jobs

DUBAI: Oman will lower the fees of expat work permits renewal until December of 2020 by about one-third the current price, national daily Times of Oman reported.

Companies bringing expat employees into the country and renewing their work visas will be required to pay $525 instead of $782 until the end of the year.

“Permission will also be granted to renew the expired licenses of companies with an Omani workforce, as well as for small and medium enterprises registered with the Public Authority for Social Insurance,” the Ministry of Labor said.

The Ministry of Labor also said expats leaving the country were exempt from paying the fines they have accumulated during their stay in Oman, provided they depart the country permanently. The new decision is valid until the end of the year.

The ministry also approved an “exemption from fees and fines resulting from work permits for non-Omani manpower, provided that they leave the Sultanate for good.”

Private sector companies can terminate their expat employees’ contracts but should commit to pay all workers’ dues, it added.

Meanwhile, employees in Oman’s private sector are allowed to transfer from one company to the other. “Private sector establishments may seek the assistance of manpower belonging to other establishments to work in their facilities, provided a written agreement is signed between the establishments,” the ministry said

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