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Innovative Strength and Competitiveness for Life Science Startups

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The ZIM network “Smart solutions for regenerative medicine” has been working successfully since June 2019 to advance the development and marketing of innovative and intelligent medical technology. “We mainly focus on research and optimizing new therapeutic methods in regenerative medicine and wound management. We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between experts and support research- and development-projects by acquiring financial and public funding”, explains Dr. Karen Hung, SilverSky Lifesciences, responsible for coordinating the network.

The ZIM network “Smart solutions for regenerative medicine” is strongly supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. ZIM (Central Innovation Program for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) is a nationwide technological and sectoral unrestricted funding program. The network supports life science startups from ideation to market launch of new technologies. The core functions are networking with industry partners and supporting to prepare grant applications.

In this way, the German start-up PL BioScience received 1.2 million euros of funding.

This supplier of cell culture media of human origin emerged from RWTH Aachen in 2015. The idea was to replace the previous standard among cell culture media, the controversial calf serum. Since then, PL BioScience developing sustainable cell culture media based on a recycling process. Blood donations, that have been stored for too long, are no longer useful for transfusion and are instead processed by PL BioScience. As culture media for cultured cells, they find their way into laboratories all over the globe. The patented technology achieves optimal results for cell growth and also scores in terms of safety. The products conform to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and permit patient-oriented applications of the cultured cells. Their EXCELL R&D project was selected by EUROSTARS for funding this year. The innovation project aims at developing and marketing of a uniquely high-quality cell culture medium for targeted cell production for clinical applications. The product is meant to represent the highest safety standard among cell culture media of human origin and to promote significant progress in regenerative medicine. “The potential of stem cell therapies is huge. For example, they enable the renewal of damaged tissue. With our EXCELL technology, we would like to contribute to the success of this modern therapy”, explains Dr. Hatim Hemeda, CEO and co-founder of PL BioScience.

The ZIM network ‘Smart solutions for regenerative medicine’ is working increasingly to expand internationally, especially with British partners. “It is our declared aim to bring innovative companies together and to support them in their important work”, says Dr. Karen Hung. The network includes tech companies of different sizes, from promising startups like PL BioScience, to companies such as Covestro.

Network management company SilverSky LifeSciences coordinates this network as an expert in life sciences business formation and extensive experience in financing, operating and developing innovative life science-based small and medium-sized businesses.

“Each partner brings a specific expertise and thus a unique contribution to the value chain into our network,” describes Dr. Mirko Stange, founder and CEO of SilverSky Lifesciences, “as the win-win-situation for everyone involved”.

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