April 19, 2024


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House Democrats press Senate to take up Heroes Act for school funding

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — School is already back in session around the country and Virginia Democratic Congressman Bobby Scott is again pressuring the Senate to take up the Heroes Act.

“There are things that schools need to do to reopen safely,” Scott said.

The $3 trillion COVID-19 relief bill passed the House in May. Scott says it includes money for teacher and student personal protective equipment, as well as money to repair and replace broken and inadequate ventilation systems in schools.

“You need all these extra resources to open the schools safely and you just can’t hope it’ll happen, you have to come up with a plan, you have to have the resources to make it happen,” Scott said.

Pennsylvania Congressman Matt Cartwright says schools need the money now.

“To meet the major challenges of preventing the virus from spreading amongst the students,” Cartwright said.

Republicans in the House voted against the Heroes Act and Senate Republicans support a much smaller COVID-19 relief bill.

Pennsylvania Congressman Fred Keller says many states have not used the money Congress already provided in the first big relief bill, the CARES Act.

“If it’s all about the kids, we should want to use the money we have right now to make sure that our kids can get back in school,” Keller said.

He says Republicans will consider more aid if the schools really need it.

“Let our schools put together a plan, see how much money they need and let us start using the money that has already been borrowed before we borrow more money,” Keller said.

The Senate could take up its smaller COVID-19 relief bill as early as next week.

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