September 21, 2023


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Google Kormo Jobs App Launched In India To Help Job Seekers


Google has been releasing a steady stream of services dedicated to India. The latest one is the Kormo Jobs app, which debuted in Bangladesh back in 2018. The new Kormo Jobs app, as the name suggests helps people create their digital CV and lists jobs.

Google Kormo Jobs App Launched In India To Help Job Seekers

Google Kormo Jobs App Features

The Kormo Jobs app lets you find recommended jobs, based on the digital CV you create. The platform helps you find the right job, which is handy in these difficult times. Plus, the app also helps you with tools to upgrade your career and add new skills to your profile. As noted, you can create your digital CV and share it with prospective employers or take a print out via the app.

Looking back, the Kormo Jobs platform isn’t entirely new. Google initially brought in a similar experience via the Jobs Spot section on Google Pay. With the GooglePay integration, employers like Dunzo and Zomato were able to post over 20 lakh verified jobs, Google notes.

The Jobs Spot on Google Pay was particularly made for entry-level job seekers. Now, Google has moved ahead and launched a dedicated job app to cater to a wider range of users. This means we can expect to find employers of blue-collar jobs here as well.

Google Kormo Jobs App: What We Think

From the looks of it, Google is set to go head-on with other job portals like Microsoft LinkedIn and India’s Naukri, and others. Creating a dedicated job app will certainly help Google create a better presence than the Jobs Spot on Google Pay. Moreover, the app could further help build international contacts as well.

At the same time, the new Kormo Jobs app will also affect Indian portals like, TimeJob, Olx, Naukri, and others. Google had earlier partnered with these platforms to bring the job listings to its search platform in India. The Google blog post for the Kormo Jobs app notes that the company will continue working on the platform by bringing in new features and jobs.

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