October 4, 2023


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Education Support with Accredited Tutors in Somerset, NJ

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Dutch Total Soccer in Somerset, NJ is partnering with Licensed NJ State tutors to ensure children have a successful online learning experience and receive individual attention in a safe environment. The on-site education program is available daily for all students grades 2-7 this Fall & Winter.

The goal of the program is to allow children to focus on their studies without distractions & gain confidence to ask for clarification from tutors who will help in any subject. After school work is complete, the students train and play with professional coaches in their preferred sport! Parents will have peace of mind knowing their child is receiving a quality education under the supervision of education professionals. The combination of education & sports training under the guidance of professionals is an experience only Soccer Centers can provide!

Program Highlights:

  • Licensed & Accredited Tutors (English/ELA, Science & Math)
  • Professional Sports Coaching (Soccer, Lacrosse or Field Hockey)
  • Social Distancing & Limited Capacity (Desks spaced out by 8 FT +)
  • Flexible Formats (Daily, Weekly, Half OR Full Day + After Care)
  • Indoor 44,000 sq ft dome structure featuring constant fresh air recirculation
  • Outdoor Turf Fields for sports (weather appropriate)

Registration Formats:
DTS offers weekly or daily registrations & you can customize your schedule. Students may register for as many weeks or single days as you wish. There is no maximum or limit number of days you can attend. Due to small group sizes all registrations are first come first serve.

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