September 23, 2023


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Career, energy coach advises to job seekers to pay attention to their mindset

As the number of laid-off workers seeking unemployment benefits continues to rise during the coronavirus pandemic, many people are looking for work. WGN News has started a series called “Back to Work” in an effort to help with those looking for jobs.

Neha O’Rourke is the founder, career and energy coach at Somewhere In Between Coaching and offers her advice on the job search.

“Remember life is about the journey, not the destination,” she said.

O’Rourke calls it the “Somewhere In Between.”

More often than not, when we’re in an undefined “between” place we are labelled as confused, in crisis, or merely an outsider. It’s time to reframe that thinking because it’s those moments in between where we learn, grow and experience life’s magic.

Rather than fixating on the outcome, she advises job seekers to remind themselves of empowering thoughts and past times where they have “navigated uncertainty or adversity.”

O’Rourke also says to invest in yourself.

You are your longest commitment and the best investment you’ll ever make.

An investment in yourself doesn’t always have to mean a monetary investment. Think about investing your time and energy. How can you invest in your well-being – taking time for yourself and focusing your energy on the inner work (get to know yourself, moments of self care, etc).

O’Rourke advises people to shift their mindset away from fear-based thinking.

“Remember that change inherently means that while some things go away, new opportunities arise – this is true with the current job landscape,” she said.

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