Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf vetoes high school sports attendance bill, setting up possible override vote in General Assembly

Gov. Tom Wolf, as promised, vetoed a bipartisan-backed bill on Monday that would have given local officials’ authority this year to decide whether to hold K-12 sports and activities and set crowd limits at events.

This action shows his determination to urge Pennsylvanians to adhere to his 25-person limit for indoor events and 250 for outdoor contests to control the spread of COVID-19, even though a federal judge has declared those limits along with other pandemic-related restrictions the governor ordered as unconstitutional. The Wolf Administration has requested a stay on that order while appealing U.S. Western District Court Judge William Stickman IV’s ruling.

In his veto message, the governor said, “We have been confronting extraordinary challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. As we continue the fight against COVID-19, we need to continue to prioritize the health and welfare of Pennsylvanians and minimize public health risks. However, this bill does nothing to

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The Churn merges D&D fantasy, science and modernity into one cold war setting

The Churn RPG is set on a fantasy world in which, 100 years after a cataclysm wove people, machines and technology from Earth into reality.

Countless people died, falling into the seas, appearing in objects, but many people survived too. The world changed forever. Now the world is changing again, the elf fleet has been spotted, smoke rises from Dwarven forges again, the orcs have stopped their in-fighting, and the gods themselves are rallying their supporters.

The Kickstarter for this D&D 5e setting is asking for $22,000 to fund. It’s just launched and has over $1,000 pledged already. You can check out the progress and how many days left you have to become a backer at the campaign page.

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If funded, The Churn will be at least 130 pages and stretch goals could push that further. As the game mixes modern-day technology with fantasy, it adds modern

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Andhra Pradsh setting up 30 skill development centres to provide quality workforce for industry

Andhra Pradesh government is establishing 30 Skill Development Centres for which it is partnering with institutes like Singapore Polytechnic, Van Hall Larenstein in the Netherlands and over 50 companies including Dell, Tata, HP, IBM, Biocon.

The YSRCP government had last year brought in a law reserving 75 percent jobs in all categories of industrial units for the locals.

“Training imparted should be as per the requirements of the industry so that these SDCs would play an important role in providing a highly-skilled workforce thus helping industrial development in AP,” Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy said in a review meeting on skill development on Tuesday.

The state’s industrial policy (2020-23) unveiled last month, mention the setting up of 30 skill development centres and two skill development universities with a focus on cutting edge analytics and smart manufacturing using Internet of Things, predictive maintenance.

Officials said that land has been identified at 20

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