October 4, 2023


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Andhra Pradsh setting up 30 skill development centres to provide quality workforce for industry

Andhra Pradesh government is establishing 30 Skill Development Centres for which it is partnering with institutes like Singapore Polytechnic, Van Hall Larenstein in the Netherlands and over 50 companies including Dell, Tata, HP, IBM, Biocon.

The YSRCP government had last year brought in a law reserving 75 percent jobs in all categories of industrial units for the locals.

“Training imparted should be as per the requirements of the industry so that these SDCs would play an important role in providing a highly-skilled workforce thus helping industrial development in AP,” Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy said in a review meeting on skill development on Tuesday.

The state’s industrial policy (2020-23) unveiled last month, mention the setting up of 30 skill development centres and two skill development universities with a focus on cutting edge analytics and smart manufacturing using Internet of Things, predictive maintenance.

Officials said that land has been identified at 20 places already. The curriculum is prepared while categorizing the courses into two modules – for finishing skills and alternative employment courses. Out of a total of 162 courses, to be made available at the SDCs,127 are for finishing skills and 35 for alternative employment.

The CM has instructed officials to expedite the work on establishing the 30 centres, to cater to all the 25 Parliamentary constituencies in the state, while ensuring quality in design and construction.

Officials informed that the government has so far partnered with four international institutes – Singapore Polytechnic, Van Hall Larenstein (Netherlands), GIZ and Department for International Development in designing the skill development curriculum.

“23 reputed companies including Dell, Tata, HP, IBM, Biocon have come forward to join hands with the government on curriculum and lab infrastructure in these skill centres. Discussions are on with 35 other companies,” officials said.

Reddy directed officials to include technical courses related to agricultural work and implements in the SDCs.

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