Texas rejects proposed LGBTQ lessons in schools as part of sex education revision

LGBTQ rights advocates are pushing back against the Texas Board of Education’s recent rejection of a proposed curriculum to teach middle school and high school students about gender identity and sexual orientation.

a group of people on a sidewalk: Students walk on the campus of Wheatley High School in Houston, Sept. 11, 2017.

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Students walk on the campus of Wheatley High School in Houston, Sept. 11, 2017.

The Republican-dominated board rejected a batch of proposed curriculum changes last week, striking down mandates to require students to learn about the differences between gender identity and sexual orientation as well as a proposal to teach middle schoolers about consent. The board is expected to take a final vote on any changes in the sexual education curriculum in November.


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Some proponents of the changes called the rejection “especially tragic” as research shows that most LGBTQ students don’t feel safe at school because of harassment and bullying.

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Green School funding saga continues as Chris Hipkins rejects claims made in James Shaw video

Chris Hipkins, James Shaw are posing for a picture


Minister of Education Chris Hipkins is disputing a claim from Greens co-leader James Shaw he gave “verbal sign-off” for the Green School proposal, describing it as a mischaracterisation.

A leaked video shows Shaw telling party members he got the okay from Hipkins in a conversation they had before the controversial bid was signed off.

Shaw’s been in damage control since infuriating party supporters, schools and unions with his strong advocacy for the nearly $12 million application for the private school.

The expansion project was approved by a group of wider ministers under a $3 billion infrastructure fund – they say Shaw should take full responsibility as the sole advocate for the bid.

That advocacy extended to threatening to block at least 44 projects, earmarked for $600m of funding, unless it was given the green light.

While Hipkins had no involvement in the ministerial approval, in the video, Shaw

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“Patriotic Education”: Trump Rejects America’s Racist Past

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At a moment when books about America’s racist history are selling out, and some in the country, including many in corporate boardrooms, are trying to grapple with the enduring legacy of systemic racism, President Trump and Republicans are laying out a gauzy story of America that requires no reckoning for the country’s history of slavery, racial terror and social, economic and political injustice.

Over the past several weeks, Trump has painted criticism of America’s past as unpatriotic, and attempted to create a space where White voters can feel OK with that. That includes “restoring patriotic education” in schools “where they’re trying to change everything that we’ve learned,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday. “The only path to unity is to rebuild

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