Citi and Citi Foundation Expand Global Job Skills-Building Initiative to Improve Employability and Economic Opportunity for Underserved Communities

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Citi and the Citi Foundation today announced an expansion of the global Pathways to Progress initiative, led by a Citi Foundation investment of $100 million to improve employability and economic opportunity around the world.

Through Pathways to Progress, young people become equipped with the skills and confidence they need to make a positive impact in their lives and their communities, and also access employment opportunities to succeed in rapidly changing economies.

Since 2014, the Citi Foundation has invested approximately $200 million globally in Pathways to Progress programming. By 2023, the Citi Foundation expects to cumulatively impact over a million young people around the world with a total investment of $300 million. In the U.S., the program has served approximately 100,000 Black and Latinx youth over the past three years, and expanded efforts will focus more intently

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COVID-19 Pandemic Creates Professional Gap Year Job Opportunity For Young American Special Education Teachers And Therapists

For over 12 years, Apex Social has matched European graduates in care professional fields such as education, therapy, and nursing with American and Australian host families. Now young American teachers and therapists can also benefit from this unique experiential learning job opportunity. The caregivers are fully integrated within their host families and the child’s interdisciplinary education or therapy team, which allows them to learn about new concepts and methods, which they will be able to utilize in their future careers.

“I’ve learned so much by being able to live and work with a child who has special needs on a daily basis, versus as a therapist, when I’d only see a client for thirty minutes once a week,” said Sabrina Kempkes, an Apex Social care professional from Germany currently living with a family in Los Angeles. “I’ve gained a greater understanding of how treatment can be incorporated into

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The pandemic is an opportunity to reform education in the US | Education

School will start again for us in southern California next week. In some ways, it feels like school just ended. Or it never really ended.

What will be or will not be of the 2020-2021 school year has felt like a constant backdrop to our sundrenched pandemic summer. What will school look like? How will we manage work and school? Will we survive? How is this changing us? Questions languished in the thick summer air.

There have been plenty of emails from the school district, with phases and plans and slideshows and links. There have been articles and articles and articles about how other parents are feeling, what they are doing, what they are not doing. Pods, micro-schools, and tutors cloud my vision, already blurred with uncertainty about how to balance academics, social-emotional health and work.

To cope, I have not really engaged in any of it. I have taken

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