Enrollment has remained steady in local school districts | Morgan County

Enrollment has remained relatively steady in local school districts compared to a year ago, increasing in Hartselle City Schools and decreasing slightly in both the Decatur City and Morgan County school systems.

Decatur City Schools’ total enrollment was 8,764 students as of Monday, which is 78 fewer students than in last year’s official enrollment number used to calculate funding. The district’s official enrollment for this academic year will be calculated after the completion of 20 days of school following Labor Day.

Superintendent Michael Douglas said during a news conference Monday the less than 1% drop in students is a relief, since he initially feared losing teacher units due to lower enrollment numbers.

“That’s right where we were last year,” Douglas said. “I was extremely concerned with the pandemic that we would lose numbers and that would cause us in turn to lose teacher units, but we’ve held where we are.”

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