Science and technology body wants world to tackle 20 major questions

The China Association for Science and Technology published 20 key scientific and technological questions, 10 in frontier science and 10 in engineering, on Saturday with the goal of raising awareness and support for the international scientific community to jointly tackle these challenges.

The 10 frontier scientific questions include the biological mechanism for the interspecies transmission of coronaviruses, gravitational wave, the evolution of material on Earth, next generation nuclear energy, and special energy fields.

Digitized transportation infrastructure and self-driving vehicles, how traditional Chinese medicine moderate human immunity, water management and security, and virtual model of physical world are also among the top questions at the cutting edge of science.

The 10 engineering challenges include cancer immunotherapy, horizontal take-off and landing technology, how to prevent and control invasive species, and how to protect key infrastructures from electromagnetic disturbances.

The other top engineering questions include silicon photonics, eliminating deficiencies in integrated circuit manufacturing,

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Catholic body responds to school funding controversy

The debate about equity in Australian education has caused a stir in recent months as a number of reports emerge showing how low-SES students are missing out on critical school funding and educational opportunities.

In April, teachers’ unions were in uproar when it was revealed that private schools were offered the option to apply for their July 2020 recurrent funding payment to be brought forward to May and June 2020.

Three months later, an analysis of ACARA data by Trevor Cobbold from public school advocates Save our Schools Australia caused the boat to rock again when it was revealed that public funding continues to flow disproportionately to private schools.

Last week, the debate into school funding again resurfaced when the ABC reported a story that suggested hundreds of millions in public funding dollars are being diverted from the poorest NSW Catholic primary schools.

The scheme, administered by Catholic school authorities,

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PAC body seeks report on skill development co’s collapse


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) sub-committee has sought an inquiry report from the Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company acting CEO on appointing relatives of the officers working in the company and its collapse.

A meeting of the sub-committee held at the Parliament House under the chairmanship of Convener Riaz Fatyana on Tuesday settled the various audit paras of Technology Upgradation and Technical Development Company, State Engineering Corporation Limited, Heavy Electrical Complex Private Limited and Pakistan Engineering Company Limited.

The committee was informed that the Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company, which was formed in 2004, incurred a loss of Rs149 million in 2019.

The committee expressed concern over the company’s continued loss.

The industries and production secretary turned out to be unaware of the catastrophic state of the company.

On questioning, member Munaza Hassan was told that the company had not received any new projects for many years,

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