April 18, 2024


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What Are The Best Jobs To Become A Digital Nomad?

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that nearly all jobs can be done remotely. As businesses have been coerced into improving their digital infrastructure, they are also fast realizing the sheer amount of money saved with online meetings and a remote workforce.

Unlike the 2008 recession however, the nature of most online work is mandated by local directives and health and safety, rather than pure cost cutting.

So for those who are dreaming of making this a permanent feature in their lives, what careers could become of this? In this post I list out the ‘best’ jobs to become a digital nomad, taking into consideration the flexibility of the work, the availability of work and also the money you can make.

For some this post may act as a springboard. Also take into account your preferences on the sociable aspects of work – do you like working in solitude or do you enjoy having a team of colleagues?


Programmers are the quintessential digital nomads, and possibly one of the highest paid professions on average. You will need to have established a portfolio and a relatively good name for yourself before most companies will trust you to perform while you travel, either in a payroll or as a freelancer, but once you have gotten to that stage, the world is your oyster.

Videographer or Photographer

Also loosely known as content creators, this is highly dependent on the topics you produce content on, and will certainly involve a lot of hard graft before the money rolls in. However, being able to travel while you capture the world around you must surely be on the minds of most aspiring nomads.

Recommending this route can come with some drawbacks though. If you are serious about taking good shots, then obviously the right gear comes with some capital expenditure. Then there’s also the business model of how you get paid. Do you sell your services by the session, or are you selling the end product of your photos/videos? Do you just try and become a professional YouTuber?

But for those who make it, it must surely come as close to a dream job as it gets.

Professional Online Gambler

Whether you will actually make or even keep your money is not really considered as it is highly dependent on your skill — or luck — but it is certainly something that can be done.

You would need to keep in mind how your winnings are taxed also to which country you need to pay.

Also some countries may by default withold your winnings until you can prove you reside somewhere else, a tricky affair if you aren’t truly living anywhere. Nonetheless if you have the skills then why not?

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Digital Marketing

The art of selling, persuasion and literacy all wrapped into one. Marketing obviously comes in many different forms: Managing advertisements; Search Engine Optimization; Data Tracking — the list goes on.

Getting qualified for this type of work is relatively open. Google Ads Certifications have many categories of certificates you can study for, and are all free. Best of all there is no limit on the amount of times you are permitted to try.

But with low barriers to entry comes a much wider pool of competition. It can be very hard to acquire work based on your skills alone, with much work that pays above decent living wage coming from requiring word of mouth or an extensive proven track record.

There is no limit to the imagination

Whether or not you actually have the ambition to go travelling on a long term basis will depend heavily on your life circumstances. Digital nomads are certainly known to travel around, but sometimes it’s just the freedom to work from anywhere which counts.

The jobs listed above will come nowhere near to covering all the online-only work out there, but should serve as some inspiration to help you discover your inner skills, risk tolerance and pace of life.

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