September 21, 2023


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Upper Leacock supervisors to discuss library funding after Leola closure | Regional

When: Upper Leacock Township supervisors meeting, Sept. 17.

What happened: Lancaster Public Library’s Leola branch, located in the township’s community building, is closing effective immediately, primarily because it is too small to comply with COVID-19 social distancing requirements. There is also a concern about future funding of the branch with the township’s proposed office move to another location when it will no longer own the community building. Upper Leacock contributes $44,000 cash and rent-in-kind to the annual operating cost of the Leola branch.

Quotable: “Future (library system) contributions will be discussed during the 2021 budget preparation process,” Township Manager Michael Morris said in a phone interview after the meeting.

Veritas Academy: The board modified its lease to Veritas Academy, which rents space in the community building. Veritas will take over the township’s break room, cafeteria and storage area. It will use the additional space to store COVID-19 related cleaning supplies and isolate anyone coming into the school with a fever. Veritas will pay additional rent for the increased square footage.

Zoning ordinance revision: The board approved what has come to be referred to as its “chicken ordinance” by amending the township’s R-1 zoning district to include agricultural activities as an accessory use.

Road markings: Supervisor Hal Leaman requested when township roads are being repaired that if they are wide enough a solid white line be painted along the shoulders to identify the edges of the road. This would be helpful in winter when there can be visibility problems from glare. Morris said the line painting will be included in the 2021 budget.

Next meeting: The board meets again Thursday, Oct. 15.

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