September 26, 2023


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UMD Men’s Basketball Holds In-Person Youth Skills Camp

The Bulldogs held their first in-person skills camp of the season on Saturday morning after doing virtual camps all summer.

DULUTH, Minn. – Over the past few months, we’ve seen most things take place virtually, including a lot of sports camps. The UMD men’s basketball team put out multiple video series over the summer to help young players sharpen their skills. Now, they’re finally returned to the court for some in-person training.

The Bulldogs held their first in-person camp on Saturday morning for kindergarten through eighth grade players. The camp was split up into pods of 12 with every UMD player working with a group, and they utilized both Romano Gym and the Field House to maintain social distancing.

The camp is mostly working on skill development and they aren’t holding any 5-on-5 competition. Despite having a ton of success with the virtual camps this summer, the Bulldogs are happy to get the kids back in the gym.

“A lot of them have been doing stuff in their driveways or at parks so being able to get back in the gym and get those skills going again of ball-handling, passing, shooting and hopefully we’re leaning towards a basketball season for most of these kids,” UMD head coach Justin Wieck said.

The Bulldogs will host five more sessions every Saturday for the next month. Visit their website to learn more or to sign up.

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