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Verkerk for Mejia escort wrote:
He may just want to really be exclusive, and he’s not playing games. Ask him how many other women he’s dating right now, you’ll know then. see the review
Blimy for Ntamboxolo escort wrote:
I don't want to be exclusive until I know him a little more. see the review
Erect for Merigone escort wrote:
So, just tell him this. see the review
Walterg for Bunthom escort wrote:
Originally Posted by BlueIvy see the review
Blonski for Shakat escort wrote:
I want to tell him I wanna take things slow. see the review
Maybell for Shahrazad escort wrote:
Who says things have to go fast just because you're exclusive? It's not like he's proposing marriage. Exclusive dating is as easy to break as it is to form. You just say I don't want to date you any more and then make dates with others. I don't really get why people build it up so much. see the review
Retest for Krystyna escort wrote:
Some "older" guys are looking for a virgin bride and thus want to lock one down as soon as they find her. see the review
Gim for Annarika escort wrote:
Cajoler for Promedie escort wrote:
I am 30 and my boyfriend is 38. see the review
Terete for Eires escort wrote:
We took our time and didn’t become boyfriend and girlfriend until 4,5 months in. see the review
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