April 16, 2024


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Types of Private Schools in Oakville

If you have a kid who has grown enough to go to school, then you may have started your search for the best private schools in Oakville. With hundreds of thousands of all the elementary and secondary schools in the nation that are listed as independent or private, where do you begin your search? The best place to start your search is by understanding different types of private schools.

Independent vs Private schools:

Both terms are used interchangeably, but these both are quite different. Generally, a private school is a part of a big organisation, such as a religious community, whereas an independent school is a school that is independent of other organisations and has its own board of trustees and governors. The only thing that is common in both schools is that both schools get funded with fees, tuition, and donations.

Private school grade levels:

There are many private schools divided by grade levels and for the students in KG through grade five has to attend an elementary school, whereas the students in grade six through eight need to attend a middle school. Junior high school is the school that serves the students in grades seven through nine, and on the other hand, private schools are for those students who are in grade nine through twelve through seniors. And the fact is that schools with heavy emphasis and prominence on academics prepare students for college.

Day schools or country day schools:

These are also a type of private schools that students attend in the daytime and then go back to their homes at night. This type of school is usually located in the country or suburbs.

Boarding schools:

When the term private schools come to mind, most people think of boarding schools. It is only a type of private school where students live in halls or dorms of campus. It is a stereotypical independent school that you normally see in movies and is portrayed in books.

There are residential schools in which students have to live on campus all week long from Monday to Friday. These institutions are a great solution for the students as these institutes offer a highly structured day with set times for classes, athletics, meals, recreation, and study. Most American schools are specifically for high school students.

The drawback of such schools is that students need to be away from home as well as having the advisers and faculty making some decisions for students normally left to parents. Being away from home is difficult for students, but it can build confidence and allow students to exert their independence.

Special needs schools:

 This type of private school serves a wide range of students. Such private schools are designed for students who face learning and physical disabilities, whereas some schools focus on the student’s emotional needs. Some schools are designed to serve extremely bright students in an atmosphere where these students can blossom and focus on their talent. These schools provide a place for the students where they can hone their ability. Searches for special needs schools are very specific, and it must be done by keeping the needs of a child in mind.

Coeducational schools:

There was a time when private schools were single-sex schools, which means these were the schools where boys went to school with boys and girls went to school with girls. But now it has changed. Now the majority of private schools have turned to coeducational institutions where different genders go to school together. A few single-sex schools are still present, but the parents are still interested in these schools, especially for their elder children.

Military schools:

If your child is dreaming of building a military career, then the military school is the perfect fit for your kid. This type of school is basically a boarding school for students who are in grades nine and up.

If you are searching for private schools in Oakville, you should read out this listing of different schools first to understand and find the best school accordingly.