September 30, 2023


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Trump on Five Days of Remdesivir and Days 7-10 Are Critical in COVID Sickness

The medical team of doctors at Walter Reed gave an update on President Trumps COVID treatment. They said he is on a 5-day course of the drug Remdesivir.

Trump is being given a 5-day course of Remdesivir. He was previously given a cocktail of antibodies.

Trump first showed symptoms and was diagnosed on October 1. The doctors said days 7-10 are usually the most important days when the risk is highest for someone to become very sick. Trump has been given a lot of new treatments at the earliest points. This should mean less chance for a severe case and a better chance for early recovery. However, the drugs are not perfect and might reduce the chance of a severe case by 80%.

Early statistics would suggest that Trump has 3% chance of death and 10-15% chance of severe illness. The odds might be less than 1% chance of death and 2-3% chance of severe illness. However, the statistics are not very precise and there are many factors.

If President Trump becomes severely ill or dies, then the stock markets will drop substantially.

SOURCES- C-Span, Walter Reed, Dr Tom Frieden
Written By Brian Wang,

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