October 4, 2023


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This $16 Software Development Course Can Help You Become a Technical Entrepreneur

You don’t have to be technical to run a successful business these days. But it certainly doesn’t hurt, either. It’s a lot harder and more expensive to build an app idea or a digital product when you don’t have the technical expertise to do it yourself. That’s why it’s beneficial to get a development education, and why The Complete Developer Bootcamp is such a bargain.

This $16 course offers four hours of introductory training to coding and software development. The course is designed to turn you into a job-ready software developer who can build their own products from scratch. You’ll learn today’s development best practices, covering topics like code quality gates, coding standards, unit testing, test automation, branching strategy, business analysis, estimations, Agile, and much more.

Across the lectures, you’ll learn how to determine code quality, how to identify bugs, and recognize what kind of damage bugs can do. You’ll learn the difference between code style and code convention, discover testing approaches and techniques, and explore how to use software releases to improve product quality. There’s even an introduction to DevOps, discussing continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.

The course is led by Maksym Rudnyi, a senior software engineer with more than eight years of experience in web development. With his guidance, you’ll be ready to build your first product—or better manage a build—in no time.

Get on your way to becoming a technical entrepreneur. Normally $199, you can get The Complete Developer Bootcamp for just $15.99 today.

This $16 Software Development Course Can Help You Become a Technical Entrepreneur
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