December 2, 2023


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The top 10 startups hiring right now, according to LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn just released its ranking of the top 50 startups in 2020, based on factors like employment growth, public interest in the company, and the ability to attract talent from large firms. 
  • The top three startups on the list were, DoorDash, and Robinhood.
  • Companies that give consumers more control over their purchases and lifestyle scored high on the list, as did those that made remote work easier. 
  • Below are the top 10 startups with info on how you can apply to open roles at each company. 
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The coronavirus recession has created an uncertain economy in the US. But economic crises can also be a great time for innovation. In fact, companies like WhatsApp, Uber, Groupon, and Slack were all launched during the 2008 financial crisis. 

Today, even in the midst of a global pandemic, some relatively young startups are still booming. 

LinkedIn released its annual list of top startups in 2020 on Tuesday, featuring 50 emerging and growing companies in the US. The list was compiled based on various factors including interest in the company, employment growth, engagement with employees, job interest, and ability to attract talent from Linkedin top companies – in other words, companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet.

The final list showed a few patterns in the types of companies doing well right now. The top three startups on the list, for example, give consumers more control over their purchases and lifestyle, and many offer online accommodations for remote work and invest in employee happiness. 

According to LinkedIn, these companies are collectively hiring for more than 3,000 jobs right now, so if you’re searching for a career pivot, these top 10 companies could be a good bet. The companies are listed in descending order, with LinkedIn’s top rated startup at first place. 


What they do: is a homeownership startup that replaces conventional home-financing with a digitized process eliminating fees, commissions, and unnecessary extra steps for home buyers. They’ve seen a 200% increase in demand for digitized homeownership projects and funded $8 billion in loans since March. 

Who they’re hiring: Since March, the company has virtually hired and onboarded over 1,500 employees. As of Monday, is actively recruiting for leadership development coaches, executive assistants, and employee experience associates. 

2. DoorDash 

What they do: Doordash is a delivery company that has expanded from food services to pharmacy and grocery offerings. The company filed to go public in February 

Where they’re hiring: The company is hiring for operations and site managers across the country, as well as a variety of roles in design, analytics, and business development based in San Francisco. 

3. Robinhood

What they do: Robinhood offers commission-free trading that’s intended to be accessible to anyone hoping to invest their money. The fintech company’s Learn resources have seen a 250% increase in daily visits since January. 

Who they’re hiring: Robinhood is hiring for operations analysts, business operations associates, and recruiters as of Monday. 

4. Samsara 

What they do: Samsara is a computer software company that provides AI-based sensor systems. Since March, the company has been focused on creating a smooth transition to remote work, providing leadership training, various events, and iPads for kids to learn remotely. 

Who they’re hiring: Some actively recruiting positions as of Monday include people data coordinator, business value consultant, and head of product management. 

5. Databricks 

What they do: Databricks is a data and artificial intelligence company that helps organizations make their data ready for analytics so that they can shift their business strategies accordingly. The company was founded in 2013 and has partners including Microsoft and Amazon. 

Who they’re hiring: The company is currently hiring for nearly 200 roles on LinkedIn, some of which involve program management, UX design, and marketing.

6. Outreach 

What they do: Outreach is a platform that manages all customer interactions on email, over the phone, and on social media.

Who they’re hiring: The company has 75 job openings in areas like engineering, sales, and product design. 

7. Brooklinen

What they do: Brooklinen delivers high-quality, moderately priced sheets and towels to customers’ doorsteps.

Who they’re hiring: The company’s job openings include one for a creative producer and one for the director of customer experience. 

8. Attentive

What they do: Attentive helps brands send personalized text message reminders to customers, like product recommendations and cart abandonment reminders. 

Who they’re hiring: The company is currently looking for a brand designer, a director of content marketing, an implementation specialist, and 39 other roles.

9. Loom

What they do: Loom helps remote teams communicate through ready-to-share videos. 

Who they’re hiring: The company has a dozen job openings, including one for a fullstack engineer and another for a legal counsel. 

10. Verkada

What they do: Verkada is an enterprise building security tool that uses artificial intelligence to identify suspicious events within an office.

Who they’re hiring: Verkada is looking to fill 82 roles in data operations, recruiting, UX design, and more. 


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