December 3, 2023


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Tennessee Department of Education delays launch of COVID-19 dashboard tracking school cases

Officials said that the department faced technical difficulties processing data across a number of school districts.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Department of Education was expected to launch a tool that would help people track cases of COVID-19 in schools, as the school year starts. However, the launch of the tool was delayed after technical difficulties processing data from school districts, officials said.

Now, officials said that they expect full reporting across every district by Sept. 22.

They released a statement about the delay on Tuesday: 

The anticipated launch of the Tennessee Department of Education dashboard tracking COVID-19 cases in schools has been delayed due to technical difficulties with processing data across a number of school districts. TDOE is working to rectify this technical issue with the intent to launch the COVID-19 case tracking dashboard before the end of the week. Full reporting across every district is expected by September 22 and we thank districts for their partnership in providing helpful data for educators, leaders and families.

The dashboard was originally meant to display information reported by districts about COVID-19 in its communities, and whether or how the number of positive cases will impact schools and instruction. 

The department of education also offers several other resources to help students and families adjust to the new school year, including many online learning materials. Administrators can also use toolkits to make sure schools are safe as they reopen.

Officials said they also faced several difficulties balancing privacy laws while providing information about COVID-19 in schools.

Several school districts in East Tennessee have reported cases of COVID-19 as the school year starts. You can folow which schools report cases here.

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