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Notitle for Pariyaporn escort wrote:
I realize that when you're depressed, the motivation to do anything is incredibly low, but being entirely dependent on someone that treats you terribly is making your depression worse. see the review
Nope for Helsvig escort wrote:
You can do this. see the review
Megavolt for Jinrou escort wrote:
It hurts so so bad but i cant imagine living my life without him. -- What you should be imagining is your life without disrespect, anxiety and hurt. see the review
Ingratitude for Hilka escort wrote:
Get yourself focused on your child and you. Put your big-girl pants on. Find yourself a job, start planning for single-motherhood. A child deserves a stable, supportive environment. Do not kid yourself that that child doesn't "feel" the negative environment he/she is living in. see the review
Loafed for Ezabella escort wrote:
Originally Posted by awescott87 see the review
Chorea for Camelia Adela escort wrote:
This the life of a whiskey maker see the review
Mksmith for Tayabeh escort wrote:
You dodged a bullet. Get a lawyer to clear up the mortgage and crap, then sever ties. see the review
Prickles for Jeeman escort wrote:
so this is my life...and its sucks beat cancer 4.5 years ago, found out i had a 40year old sister my mother never told anyone about. Was engaged about 3 years ago only to find out she was cheating on me. see the review
Fond for Kumarihami escort wrote:
So as of about an hour ago we got in huge argument and i kicked her out. She has a 6lb poodle **** mix that is very aggressive and attacked my beagle on saturday. When he attacked my dog i wound up with a trip to the er and 6 stitches in my thumb... so i told her enough is enough get rid of you dog and she brought him to her moms house. Tonight i told her i never want that dog back in my house and it started a huge argument. So here i am with a busted ass thumb and ego over a 6lb poodle. see the review
Gunnies for Ewa Nina escort wrote:
Delete her from your life or she'll keep coming back like fart at a truck stop. see the review
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