September 24, 2023


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Spotsylvania School Board sticks with plan to begin hybrid model in October | Education

In response to the speakers, Abuismail questioned the effectiveness of face coverings in stopping the spread of the virus and said the decision to wear a mask or not should be entirely up to the individual.

“If people would put their faith in God instead of a mask or a piece of fabric, things would be a little better,” he said.

Marc Broklawski, a Spotsylvania parent affiliated with Safe Spotsy Schools, said more tests need to be administered to determine the true prevalence of COVID-19.

“We’re averaging 150 tests in a county with a population of 136,000,” Broklawski said. “That doesn’t tell what’s really happening.”

Kathleen Taylor, a Spotsylvania teacher, said if the division requires teachers to return when they don’t feel safe, many will choose to quit, exacerbating an existing teacher shortage. She said a classroom with COVID-19 mitigation procedures in place will not look like a traditional classroom and is “not worth the risk.”

Taylor also said that if schools do reopen, they might have to close again if there is a COVID-19 outbreak, and that would negatively affect the students with special needs or lack of internet access who are currently receiving in-person education.

Many speakers in support of reopening the schools were affiliated with Open Spotsylvania Schools—a campaign organized by two parents with children in the division.

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