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Jiang for Eva Susan escort wrote:
For some reason this thread's got me fantasizing about a world where every woman is required to give me a fair shot. Whomever my heart desires, or my gaze lands upon, is required to give me their full attention until I decide it's enough... see the review
Modh for Noradeen escort wrote:
Lewis Grizzard got it right: "Sex hasn't been the same since women started enjoying it." see the review
Eniluap for Johrun escort wrote:
What's so wrong with people being single? Maybe they realise that it's a nice way to live. see the review
Efflux for Veronicaplus escort wrote:
What's so wrong with a declining birth rate? Maybe people realise they don't have to overpopulated the planet to leave a legacy. see the review
Scutcher for Noor Elzahraa escort wrote:
What's so wrong about a declining marriage rate? Maybe people realise it's becoming an outdated and pointless tradition that can easily result in financial ruin. see the review
Bohlman for Alilah escort wrote:
Personally I welcome these tends. see the review
Southward for Norr escort wrote:
I think people don't want to believe the dating scene has gotten as bad as it is. I think they want to think positively no matter how bad the truth is. see the review
John for Adrinola escort wrote:
The only people who are worried about it are the people who it doesn't benefit, like the people with nothing desirable to offer. And no offense, but if you don't have anything desirable to offer, and the circumstances don't benefit you for those reasons, that doesn't make it "bad." That just makes it natural selection. The people with things to offer other people will use it with success and view it as a Godsend. The people who have resources naturally or worked to achieve them get rewarded, the people who don't have those things naturally or didn't work for them don't. No, it's not entirely fair, but it's not entirely unfair either. You can't help the circumstances you're born into, but you can always do more to improve yourself. If you didn't have the capacity to figure our how to improve, or the will to do what's necessary to succeed, you don't get selected. Natural selection. see the review
Cocobolo for Thaweelarp escort wrote:
Here's the thing, if someone exercises selectivity and successfully finds a match, they and the person they select will ultimately think the process is for the better. They'll think all the schooling, hours at the gym, developing an interesting life, etc paid off for them. They'll think it's perfectly fair that they worked for something, succeeded at it, and were rewarded for it. see the review
Semball for Iwona Anna escort wrote:
But if someone exercises selectivity and decides that you aren't good enough for them, then of course you will think that it's terrible and superficial, unfair, and elitist, as I suspect is why you're ranting so hard. It creates an environment where the best traits are rewarded by selection and the lackluster or unappealing traits aren't selected. see the review
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