October 4, 2023


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Santa Clara County Board of Education honors National Hispanic Heritage Month

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SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — This year to celebrate the contributions Hispanics/Latinx have made to the community — the Santa Clara County Board of Education approved a resolution to officially acknowledge September as National Hispanic Month.  

Earlier this month the board unanimously approved and signed a resolution to officially acknowledge September as National Hispanic Heritage Month. 

In Santa Clara County, Hispanic/Latinx students account for 38.3 percent of the students population and represent the largest racial/ethnic group among the state’s child population. 

Santa Clara County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mary Ann Dewan and the Santa Santa Clara County Board of Education say they remain committed to uplifting student equity and honoring diversity within the county. 

“It’s really of extreme importance to set aside time and to call out the need to celebrate and recognize the contributions of our community,” said Dr. Dewan. 

“We also think it’s important to include the voice of the different representatives of our community that help share the diverse perspectives.”

Historically, the Santa Clara Board of Education has unanimously passed previous resolutions highlighting each year’s theme. 

This year’s theme for National Hispanic Month is: Hispanics: Be Proud of Your and Embrace Your Future —  to bring focus to the essential contributions made by Hispanic Americans who have ancestors from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. 

“Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to acknowledge and continue to celebrate the legacy of our rich Hispanic heritage and traditions,” said Santa Clara County Board of Education President, Claudia Rossi. 

“Hearing stories and learning about heroic efforts and the important and unique contributions from Hispanic culture can provide all students throughout our county with a multi-faceted perspective in their learning which can further their academic experience.”

To help assist Hispanic/Latinx Americans the county of Santa Clara offers numerous of programs: 

New Americans Fellowship — a leadership pipeline for DACA recipients living, working, or going to school in Santa Clara County. 

The East San Jose PEACE (Prevention Efforts Advance Community Equity) Partnership — a community initiative aimed at building a healthy, peaceful, and empowered community free of violence and trauma.

School Linked Service — a partnership between Santa Clara County and schools to bridge supports and services such as health and wellbeing.

Universal Access Pilot (UAP) — a collaboration of FIRST 5, County of Santa Clara agencies, Santa Clara County Office of Education, Alum Rock Unified School District, Franklin McKinley School District. 

Additionally, the SCCOE has formed a strong community partnership with the Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF) Eastside Alliance to promote and provide training for culturally relevant math instruction — to help increase math scores fo Hispanic/Latinx children and the Universal Access Pilot. 

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