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Shipowner for Crucy escort wrote:
Why report? All moderators can see the report and it gets rid of the troll more quickly, if we confirm the report. see the review
Rothlin for Kanona escort wrote:
This removes the trolls more quickly and efficiently and preserves everyone's posting privileges and the topical content of our forums. see the review
Glynnet for Marlona escort wrote:
Thanks in advance for your cooperation! see the review
Skipjack for Vara escort wrote:
But a couple of things have happend during this time that has really given me a bad heart sinking gut feeling see the review
Yves for Adeshola escort wrote:
I think deep down inside I legitimately know that it's my own paranoia that's messing with me but I'm not sure what to do with it or how to handle it. I'm not sure I even want to bring something like this up especially if I'm way off base with it. see the review
Threelegged for Euphraliay escort wrote:
Gut feelings should be heeded, but should be checked out rationally, if possible. If rational examination doesn't validate the feeling - but you still feel it - then act on the feeling. Not everything can be verified one way or the other, and then you trust your gut. see the review
Wundert for Adiyo escort wrote:
Does your current partner know about your past? If not why? see the review
Repercussions for Phittayarat escort wrote:
If you look at the latter question, you may not be very happy with the conclusion but i'm sure whatever your gut is telling you matters for a reason. see the review
Congresser for Yikealo escort wrote:
I wouldn't trust your gut feelings because your gut feelings have a bad track record. How come it didn't prevent you from being blindsided before? see the review
Equalizer for Thiia escort wrote:
Thank you all for the replies. Valid points. A small update: i did talk with her again and said "i just want to make it clear we're on the same page with boundaries. Im not cool with you having any relationship with Steve given your history. What makes me comfortable is if you go NC with him. Would that be a problem?" And without hesitation she smiled and said it wouldn't be a problem and shes go NC with him. And she reitterated that she was happy i let her know what bothers me as i come first etc.. So it went well. see the review
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