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Unrated for Ayebare escort wrote:
2) What is it that actually bothers you when you find out someone has cheated on you? I tend to be reserved and doubt everything, so for me my trust is never compromised because it never fully see my paradigm? Pretty much my trust is in things not people (don't touch my guitars without asking!). I've been cheated on before, it has never bothered me because; see the review
Catmint for Luwam escort wrote:
I need help formulating my thoughts on how I need to continue to expand and meet new people, but in her eyes it continues to be revolved around "how much you don't love me" when it's simply not the case, the reality is I love everyone the same and she doesn't understand my superficial nature. see the review
Carmody for Liibaandotter escort wrote:
There are plenty of dating sites for people who want nothing other than to hookup and then move on. see the review
Mixups for Ndishishi escort wrote:
Originally Posted by cabbageman see the review
Overtook for Kafiya escort wrote:
Crap.... I just saw your other post. see the review
Embrocation for Mona Louise escort wrote:
You have a CHILD with this 14 year older woman? Oh yikes, cart WAAAAAAY before the horse. see the review
Gerome for Izabell Aliz escort wrote:
Someone might say I don't love her, I would say it's more likely that I can't love anybody more then myself or can't put another first, it's always been like this and I don't plan on changing. see the review
Schardt for Itahisa escort wrote:
I feel very sorry for your child. see the review
Caboose for Roiana escort wrote:
1) Why are people so possessive? If you truly love someone wouldn't you want them to be happy, no matter with who? see the review
Differently for Olanda escort wrote:
You're not the first person to have this misunderstanding that monogamy is somehow the same thing as possession. A person in a monogamous relationship is not saying "I own you, so you mustn't see other people". They're saying "We agreed to be exclusive to one another from the outset, and I expect you to have enough integrity to stick to that". see the review
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