December 3, 2023


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Pandemic has changed how Public Works crews do their jobs

The Public Works Department for Woodland has remained busy during the coronavirus pandemic, even though it’s created staffing and work challenges.

a stop sign on the side of a road: Woodland Public Works crews placed roadsigns and cones along East Main Street recently during a Community Cleanup. The placing of signage is one of the many tasks Public Works crews do daily. JIM SMITH-DAILY DEMOCRAT

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Woodland Public Works crews placed roadsigns and cones along East Main Street recently during a Community Cleanup. The placing of signage is one of the many tasks Public Works crews do daily. JIM SMITH-DAILY DEMOCRAT

According to a quarterly report for June through August, released this past week to the Woodland City Council, the department has received 921 service requests and 2,196 work orders for the three-month period.


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That brings to 2,967 service requests for the entire year, through August and 5,688 work orders, or 14 requests per day.

The primary service requests received were for water problems (288), and administrative problems (309). The number of work orders centered around water problems (504), fleet issues (481), sewer problems (361), signs and markings (226), and street issues (165).

Fleet & Facilities Division

Fleet Services: Electrical Services received their new Hybrid Aerial Truck and the Water Group received their new Vac-Con truck. Both trucks are fully operational and have been put into service. Fleet Services is currently in collaboration with the Sewer Group to purchase a replacement Closed-Circuit Television Truck that will be equipped with more a reliable camera system that incorporates labor-saving ‘lateral launch’ capabilities that allow crews to gather additional information without multiple setups.

The City should receive the new CCTV truck before the end of the year, according to the schedule.

Facilities Services: The City Hall Roofing project is over halfway completed; asbestos was found in small portions of the roof area and has already been removed by a specialized asbestos abatement contractor. There were a few areas of the roof that showed signs of water intrusion that are currently being repaired. The project was scheduled to be complete by Sept. 18, 2020. Meanwhile, Facilities Services is preparing a project to paint the exterior of City Hall in the fall after the roofing project is completed.

Right-of-Way Division

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Right-of-Way projects have been hindered. Though most full-time employees were able to continue working from the office or home, temporary employees were unable to do so, causing a decline in project completion. As we all start working toward a new normalcy, we continue moving forward to completing our goals.

Geographic Information System (GIS): The GIS Group has completed 85% of the creation of new informational maps for Admin, Electrical, Facilities/Parks, Sewer/Storm, Signs & Markings, and Water. These maps provide all City departments with current Public Works assets and division information.

GIS – Blight: The Blight Group is now working with the Police Department, HOST team, Code Enforcement and Public Works Groups to report graffiti, illegal dumping, trash and debris. Though this project is still in its infancy, we have all been able to start the process of having blight within the City cleaned up quickly and efficiently.

GIS – Sewer/Storm: Working with Sewer, the GIS Group has completed 90% of the Sewer Tap video verification. All data suspected to be incorrect or incomplete is compiled and sent to Sewer. By the end of 2020, Sewer will have a complete list of problem areas, which will then be verified with underground video. The GIS group has also begun map documentation of Weed Abatement locations for Sewer/Storm.

GIS – Streets: The GIS group has been working closely with Streets to verify and compile information to assist with the Sidewalk Replacement Project. In addition, the GIS group has begun map documentation of Weed Abatement locations for Streets.

Electrical – Community Center A/C 1-4 Replacement Project: The Industrial Electrical Group worked in conjunction with the Facilities Group and Contractors on the replacement of four rooftop A/C units at the Community Center. The plan for removing these units from the existing geothermal loop meant that the units would require a larger electric supply. The installation went off without a hitch and the units are up and running.

Electrical – MSC Electric Vehicle Chargers: Anticipating the arrival of two fully electric Utility vehicles, the Electrical Group completed the installation of charging infrastructure at the Municipal Service Center. Work included a new-metered PG&E service as well as two Level 3 DC fast chargers. The new equipment was brought online in July 2020.

Signs & Markings – Sign Knockdowns: Responded to and repaired 13 knocked down signs this Quarter.

Signs & Markings – Routine Street Markings Maintenance: Completed pressure washing all “SCHOOL” pavement markings (30,250 sq. ft.), as well as 59 “STOP” legends in Area 4 (College St & Cross St area). Currently refreshing the  thermoplastic “STOP” bars and cross-walks in Area 4 (College St. and Lincoln Ave. area- South of Main St, North or Gibson Rd, East of West St, and West of East St).

Signs & Markings – Routine Sign Maintenance: Replaced 120 faded “STOP” signs in Areas 1 and 2 (South of Kentucky Ave, North of Main St, East of CR 98, and West of East St). They also trimmed 60 trees blocking various signs, and installed the new “Dan Walker Way” overhead signs at the Woodland Community College.

Signs & Markings – Projects: Currently assisting Community Development with the new JAPA parking application, as well as new signage and installation of sensor pucks in front of City Hall. The Signs & Markings Group assisted with the installation of new banner poles on Main St, and the removal of the large Caltrans sign on East St near E Main St. We also installed the water-filled barricades for the restaurant Parklets project.

Streets – Road Maintenance: Continued filling pot holes throughout the City. Repaired 64 utility trenches by removing the temporary material and replacing with permanent asphalt.

Streets – Sidewalk Maintenance: Started and completed Phase One of the Sidewalk Replacement Project. This project removed and replaced almost 6,200 sq. ft. of sidewalk, eliminating 37 known tripping hazard locations throughout the historic district, around schools, and in public parks.

Streets – Miscellaneous: Responded to and cleaned up 61 trash and debris calls. These calls range from having nails or glass in the road all the way to picking up shopping carts that are filled with trash in the Right-of-Way.

Utilities Collections – Sewer and Storm Divisions

Collections staff have been working closely with the Utilities Engineering Division on multiple Capital Improvement Projects, as well as the Community Development Department and Transportation Engineering on various Capital projects such as the sewer & storm infrastructure for the W. Main St & E. Main St road rehab project, Spring Lake Development final & warranty inspections, plan review of multiple sewer lateral lining contracts, and continuing preliminary investigation on multiple upcoming CIP projects. M&O staff is currently working with multiple contractors on the Gibson Rd sewer & water rehab project in preparation for lining the sewer mains along Gibson Rd.

Crews have continued their High-Velocity Vacuum Cleaning and Closed Circuit Television recording of the City’s collection system. The total footage covered so far this year is:

Sewer — HVVC Footage: 76,415; CCTV Footage: 49,215; Lateral Inspection Footage: 10,780; Manholes Flushed: 300.

Storm — HVVC Footage: 890; CCTV Footage: 2,300.

Service Calls — Service Request Generated: 48; Sanitary Sewer Overflows: 4

Utilities – Water Production and Distribution Division

Wells: All groundwater wells are currently off or in the “standby” position.

ASR: Aquifer Storage and Recovery Wells 29 & 30 are “active” and ready to go if we were to need them. Well 28 is currently pumping about 1 MGD/day.

Distribution Division: Crews continue working on system repairs and improvements.

Gibson Road Project: All water mains, hydrant laterals and hydrants are installed. Water services will begin this week.

Preventive Maintenance: Crews are continuing to make progress on 2020 valve and fire hydrant maintenance. Crews report the following: Water Main Breaks: 4; Valves, Fire Hydrants and Services Replaced: 52; Water Main Valves Exercised: 423; Water Meters Tested: 466; Water Meters Replaced: 56; and Water Quality Calls: 35.

Wastewater Operations Division

Laboratory: The lab is currently operating under the April 2019-2021 Lab Certification that is posted at the Water Pollution Control Facility. The lab has earned a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for achieving a 100% on their State required unknown testing. Staff continues to test final effluent for coliform bacteria 7-days/week in support of the recycled water project. Laboratory staff have been attending trainings and preparing for the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Institute regulations and the California Quality Management Systems Regulation taking effect October 2020. The Laboratory performed third quarter Toxicity Testing for 2020. Annual Proficiency Testing and Discharge Monitoring Report-Quality Assurance studies are currently being performed.

Pretreatment: Performed Local Limits Monitoring for the third quarter of 2020. Conducted non-contact inspections of local businesses. Issued new Wastewater Discharge Permits and renewals for the Pollution Prevention Program. Participated in the Yolo County Environmental Task Force. Worked on some public outreach with Collections for storm drain door hangers to be distributed late in the year. Worked with Code Enforcement to resolve compliance issues with industrial customers.

Regulatory Compliance: Prepared and submitted quarterly and monthly reports to the Regional Board in

accordance with our National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System  Permit. Continued participation in the Central Valley Clean Water Association special studies on Methyl Mercury, Freshwater Mussels, and Low-Level Toxicity. Pretreatment staff continues issuing an information binder with all new pretreatment permits with relevant information to the specific discharger. Pretreatment completed dental amalgam registration requirements.

Water Pollution Control Facility

Plant Operations: Operations and Maintenance have been working on preventative maintenance, including replacing ultraviolet lamps, oil, cleaning and replacing high-speed blower air filters, working with Electrical & Instrumentation staff on replacing process meters, monitoring new solids monitoring meters at the Returned

Activated Sludge pump station, and helping with the operation and maintenance of the treatment system. The City has contracted with Ramcon to remove solids from south pond 11 this Summer/Fall; they are currently working on drying out the solids to prepare them for removal.

Recycled Water Delivery: City Staff from Wastewater Operations, Water Distribution/ Production, and Utilities Engineering continue to work together to provide our customers with recycled water. Utilities Engineering is researching additional storage capacity, and Operations is fine-tuning the system in order to better serve our customers and to ensure a consistent and reliable recycled water supply. Water Production has been monitoring offsite infrastructure and maintaining surge tanks.

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