December 4, 2023


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LinkedIn Just Revealed What Jobs Employers Are Hiring For

Job hunters continue to call, confused about how job hunting has changed in the last six months. All these clients are asking me this question, “What does it take to get hired TODAY since the pandemic changed everything?”  Here are a few people I spoke to that standout. Rose, 56, IT Director, said that she was in talks with Google and Amazon when Covid-19 came along and derailed both opportunities. Brad, 58, a VP of Client Services, contracted me for resume and LinkedIn help because his entire division was about to get laid off. Susan, 55, a Project Manager, lost her position two months ago and had never created a LinkedIn profile before. John, 60, VP of Operations and Sales was shocked; no employer had replied to his resume. Marilyn contacted me to help her daughter, a 2020 grad, who hasn’t had one interview.

LinkedIn compiled this data from September and August, and it shows us what jobs employers are hiring for. Jobs in tech dominate these lists as hiring in the tech industry rose 7.5% last month. Furthermore, LinkedIn revealed what skills are the most important to employers, and how you can better position yourself to land a job now by adding the appropriate sought-after skills.  

The LinkedIn data included these lists.

Most Job Openings Posted were for:

1.   Salesperson

2.   Software Engineer

3.   Registered Nurse

4.   Food Delivery Driver

5.   Cashier

6.   Store Associate

7.   Tax Associate

8.   Driver

9.   Financial Advisor

10. Project Manager

Most Remote, or Work From Home, Jobs Posted were for:

1.   Frontend Developer

2.   Account Manager

3.   Full Stack Engineer

4.   Sales Specialist

5.   Solutions Architect

6.   Product Manager

7.   Sales Manager

8.   Salesperson

9.   Data Engineer

10. Account Executive

Locations where hiring is rebounding

LinkedIn data shows hiring is starting to rebound as states that relaxed social distancing protocols. States like Georgia, Florida, and Nevada, which have fully reopened, have seen the largest hiring upticks, albeit with correspondingly high rates of coronavirus. In contrast, states that have more cautiously reopened like New York, Washington, and California are seeing slower improvement. However, with more remote job opportunities available, job seekers aren’t necessarily confined to looking for roles in the city that they live in.

Skills employers want and are hiring for

LinkedIn Learning (formerly offers thousands of excellent courses you can take to add to your skillset. These are the top skills companies are hiring for right now. Each skill is connected to LinkedIn Learning classes. After you learn, add these skills to your profile to help you stand out to recruiters.

1. Communication: Recommended courses: Communicating With Transparency*, Digital Body Language, Effective Listening

2. Business Management: Recommended courses: Business Analysis Foundations*, Strategic Planning Foundations, How to Innovate and Stay Relevant in Times of Change

3. Problem Solving: Recommended courses: Problem Solving Techniques*, Critical Thinking for Better Judgement and Decision Making, How to Make Strategic Thinking a Habit

4. Data Science: Recommended courses: Business Science Foundations: Fundamentals*, Power BI Essential Training, Data Fluency: Exploring and Describing Data 

5. Data Storage Technologies: Recommended courses: AWS: Storage and Data Management*, Programming Foundations: Databases, Cert Prep: Storage and Peripherals

Read the full list of top 10 skills and courses here.

Money-Saving TIP: If you have a library card, you can use the library website to set up a FREE account to take LinkedIn Learning classes at no charge. Contact your local reference librarian at your neighborhood library for details. Also, some colleges are offering their alumni free access to LinkedIn Learning Classes for this year.

Job openings from

Susan P. Joyce, Editor of, has developed a list tracking the 100 Hiring Employers With The Most Job Openings.

The list is updated frequently. Joyce said, “As we get past the summer, more employers are beginning to hire again. This is great news. We are seeing an increase in the management roles in various industries being offered. Healthcare is recovering; tech is improving, tutoring opportunities are skyrocketing with the return to school. Our tracking system reveals that these 100 employers account for over 1 million job openings.”  

LinkedIn Job Hunting Tips

Create a complete LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things hiring managers look at when evaluating potential candidates for the job. It is essential to make an excellent first impression. Add an up-to-date photo. Be sure it is complete and all up to date. Don’t leave any sections blank. This will help you come up in employer searches.

Customize your job alerts: LinkedIn data shows that you are up to 4X more likely to hear back from a job if you apply within the first 10 minutes. Set up job alerts for roles you want, and LinkedIn will notify you immediately when something that fits your criteria or experience is posted.

Tell Recruiters you are open to remote work.  Update your Open To Work settings to indicate you’re open to remote job opportunities and include in your profile summary or about section that you’re interested in working remotely.

Highlight your skills or learn something new. Skills are one of the critical ways for hiring professionals to find the right person for the job. Having just five skills on your profile helps you be found up to 27X more by recruiters.

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