February 1, 2023


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Letter: School Board Member: Let’s stop the blame game and get on with education

It has been very rough going for Miami-Dade County Schools district — which, of course, affects the entire community — for the past three weeks.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho and our workforce’s leadership inured us of glad tidings for years — until the past three weeks, when our entire community suffered the 2020-2021 school year’s virtual opening using the K-12 My School Online platform.

Besides the fiasco, fatigue, and frustration this experience brought our students, parents, teachers, and administrators, things were not made better by some voices clamoring the message: heads must roll!

In fact, the enemy of the launch was time — not good people working hard with good intentions.

Complex, computer-related functions under a compressed schedule caused users much suffering.

The CEO of K-12 My School Online, Nate Davis, took responsibility for the system’s malfunction. He said K-12 failed Superintendent Carvalho and his administrators. Problems compounded with connectivity and inadequate firewalls.

So, why the bickering and one-upmanship of blame?

Wouldn’t we be better served if we focus all energies on educating our students during these tough times?

The road is still toilsome because the pandemic’s capriciousness eludes us.

But it is time some of the blame game stops and we keep the main thing — our students’ education — as our collective focus.

Therefore, let’s all pull together with compassion, kindness, and common sense.

Marta Perez,

Miami-Dade County School

Board Member,

District 8,


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