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Dakar au Senegal
Dakar au Senegal
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Dakar au Senegal
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Rochon for Jannetje escort wrote:
Be careful. see the review
Core for Joya escort wrote:
Lost his trust how? I mean sorry but I cant agree to something I am not sure of. Does he want a girlfriend or exclusive dating? If he said girlfriend, I would say I wanna wait a little longer. If he said exclusive dating, I would say sure. There is no difference whether it's now or later. But if we are keeping in touch, we might as well say what we are right now instead of wasting time. see the review
Reticle for Wicktorsdotter escort wrote:
I am not the type of girl that sleeps around. I haven't had sex in a long time so I can wait. I am not thirsty for dick. It's kinda insulting to me that he thinks I need dick so bad, and it's not like he said bang another guy, he said other guys. WTF. I don't know why he is insecure, he is good looking, tall and educated. see the review
Reversal for Tilde Marie escort wrote:
We are gonna talk about it later via phone call. see the review
Bandage for Guangjing escort wrote:
Hmm, what are you thinking? I don't think he is trying to come off rude but it seems he is insecure. see the review
Scripts for Jasmin Alexandra escort wrote:
Look.....all I am saying is that he probably never had that conversation with a woman before....All those things you are saying, while I am sure are true, maybe he's just not reading it correctly... see the review
Tzitzis for Savera escort wrote:
To him, he's probably scratching his head the same way you are....."like why is this woman taking about exclusivity.? Im already exclusive to her, so now I have to wait for her to decide its that time....like WTF??"" see the review
Mariner for Niyosha escort wrote:
Like I said earlier in the thread....I wouldn't be in the same position he's in now...I'd have disappeared, the minute I found out you were still entertaining other offers...Not that it's not your right, I'd just choose not to participate in that type of thing... see the review
Nibbled for Pehrsdotter escort wrote:
Hopefully you can work it out.. see the review
Thetech for Moslema escort wrote:
Maybe so? Still, out of line. Hopefully, when we talk on phone later, we clarify certain things. see the review
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