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Autumn for Sui Fun escort wrote:
He may not even be serious, yet. Who knows what his long term plan is? Many(most?) people just don't want to be dating someone that's juggling other people,,,...... see the review
Western for Marie Alphonsine escort wrote:
All he is trying to say to you is that he senses you like him, so give it a chance without the other options....Its giving him reason to doubt you.. see the review
Dryshod for Habad escort wrote:
You have your right to do whatever you think is best for you, but if you like him and don't want him to disappear, you should be careful how you play this.... see the review
Opalina for Cinthya23 escort wrote:
I like Honeycrisp apples, so when I go to the market, I buy only them...I don't get the Macintosh and Golden Delicious and put them in the cart, just in case the Honeycrisps are no good.. see the review
Taunting for Anneb escort wrote:
Additionally, If you have been on 3 dates with the guy, then I feel you at least owe him the honesty of telling him you are with others...Why be so elusive? see the review
Mateo for Bellakrakowescort escort wrote:
Great analogy, but I'm mostly commenting to also express my love for honeycrisp apples. One of the best things about fall! see the review
Regulan for Toline escort wrote:
how would you know though? see the review
Massing for Madeleen escort wrote:
and no I don't think it's too soon...many people are from date 1 see the review
Brabec for Chirlene escort wrote:
So a woman is supposed to know you are her Honeycrisp apples from date 1? What if she needs time to get to know you better to decide? She should refuse dates with other guys who may be a better match for her? see the review
Worldy for Lina My escort wrote:
Um def run away. If he easily said this to you so soon, i bet he is saying it to dozens more. see the review
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