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Hailiang Education Group Inc. Celebrates 25th Anniversary and Announces Two Strategic Projects and Three Major Actions in the New Era

HANGZHOU, China, Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hailiang Education Group Inc. (Nasdaq: HLG) (“Hailiang Education”, the “Company” or “we”), an education and management services provider of K-12 schools in China, today announced the celebration of its 25th anniversary. Since the establishment of the Company 25 years ago, Hailiang Education has been taking “Inclusive of all, brightening the world” as its educational philosophy, and has been deeply involved in the development of private education industry in China. We have developed from a school with a student body of merely 232 to a private education group that sponsors and manages 42 K-12 schools in seven provinces across China, and more than 100,000 students have since graduated from our schools. We’ve made great contributions to the development of basic education in China.

The celebration of the 25th anniversary of Hailiang Education was held at the Hailiang Education Park Gymnasium at 3:00 PM on September 12, 2020 Beijing time. Attendees for the celebration included, apart from our own teachers and students, delegates from 15 universities, such as Peking University, Zhejiang University and Nanjing University, as well as hundreds of Hailiang alumni from all over the world.

With China’s high requirements for the operations and management of private education, the future development of private education requires school scale, education quality and a brand recognition. This is a challenge, but more importantly, an opportunity for Hailiang Education. After 25 years of rapid development, Hailiang Education has the ability and strength to take on more social responsibilities.

Mr. Junwei Chen, Chairman and CEO of Hailiang Education, delivered a keynote speech at the Company’s 25th anniversary at the celebration, and officially announced Hailiang Education’s great blueprint for the future: Two Strategic Projects, which refer to the project of invigorating education with talents and the project of revitalizing education through technology; and Three Major Actions in the New Era, which refer to actions of revitalizing education in underdeveloped regions, building a highland for outstanding education, and building an education community in the “Belt and Road Initiative” economies.

The Project of Invigorating Education with Talents

“Leveraging the Best Talents to Train Even Better Talents”

Talent development determines the future of an enterprise. The achievement of Hailiang Education is ultimately determined by our talents. We are committed to attracting more young talents and Hailiang alumni to join Hailiang Education. We believe that, as Hailiang Education’s management team gets younger and more knowledgeable, Hailiang Education will surely reach the top of China’s private education sector at a faster speed. As of August 31, 2020, Hailiang Education had more than 150 talents with overseas study and working experience; 12 teachers with professor equivalent titles, 12 exceptional teachers, 15 Golden Olympiad Competition Training Coaches, and 293 senior teachers; 14 PhD degree holders, and 334 master’s degree holders; nearly 100 foreign teachers from more than 20 countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States; 26 graduates from Peking University and Tsinghua University, two of the most prestigious universities in China; 170 graduates from 36 first-class universities such as Zhejiang University, Renmin University, and Nanjing University. In the fiscal year 2019, Hailiang Education recruited 360 teachers, including 18 teachers from Peking University and Tsinghua University. In the future, Hailiang Education will continue to introduce high-end talents from all aspects. Within five years, we expect our talent pool will have 120 teachers with professor equivalent titles/exceptional teachers/Golden Olympiad Competition Training Coaches, 250 graduates from Peking University and Tsinghua University, 150 PhD degree holders, and 1,000 graduates from prestigious universities domestically and globally. By then, all of our teachers will hold bachelor’s degrees and most of them will hold master’s degrees or above.

Utilizing the Most Comprehensive Training Mechanism to Nurture a New Generation of Hailiang Education Elites Developed for Hailiang Education”

Hailiang Education has deepened the reform on the supple of talents, creating a full-life-cycle talent training plan and realizing the internal circulation of Hailiang Education with the aim to recruit more Hailiang alumni for Hailiang Education.

The full-life-cycle talent training plan will start from the junior year of high school, by providing students career plan evaluation to guide their future career decisions, by formulating talent training plans together with outstanding universities domestically and globally and achieving curriculum integration and mutual recognition of credits, and by enhancing students’ comprehensive ability and professional capability through study trips, internships, and on-the-job teaching to shorten the time to students need to adapt to their positions at Hailiang Education after graduation in the future.

In addition, Hailiang Education adopted the most comprehensive training and protection mechanism to develop a new generation of talents and provide support for the future of Hailiang Education. In terms of teaching, evaluation, continuous training, development, and retention of talents, Hailiang Education has formulated a rich and diversified system to provide a platform to ensure teachers’ personal growth and enterprise development. In the next three years, Hailiang Education will cooperate with 10-20 top-tier universities in China, including normal universities, and connect with 30-50 foreign universities to achieve a talent pool with strong supply to navigate Hailiang Education’s development.

The Project of Revitalizing Education through Technology

The entire education industry has been facing one continuous challenge – the “isolated island effect”. There is insufficient interaction between schools in different regions, and therefore, good resources and experience cannot be shared or transferred. Through the empowerment of technology, “Education + Technology” allows sharing of educational resources to become more available, educational experience to become more replicable, teaching to become more efficient, education to become better, and management to become smarter. It is foreseeable that the rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence will detonate the “nuclear fusion” effect of education in the future.

Hailiang Education will take advantage of science and technology to lead the reform of China’s basic education, form its own core competitiveness and undertake the important task of “Education + Technology”. With the mission of “making school operation easy for everyone”, as the master designer, smart education leader, first-class product provider, and school operation management expert of Hailiang Education, Hailiang Education Research Institute will rely on a strong research team, sophisticated professional capabilities, accumulated education experience and high-end strategic partners to offer our students with happier learning experiences, healthier bodies, more knowledgeable minds, and more ideal university destinations. Hailiang Education combines 25 years of education management experience with technology, and cooperates with partners like Tsinghua University, Peking University, Hong Kong University, Alibaba Dharma Academy ad China Unicom to form a powerful pool of resources, curriculum, big data, experiences, and technologies. With the full cooperation and full support of all departments and schools of Hailiang Education, we will strive to complete the research and development of Hailiang Education’s know-how of school operations, to reduce the headcount of a standard school by one-third, to improve our brand and education quality, and to fully support the future development of Hailiang Education.

In addition, the Hailiang Education R&D Center, invested and constructed by Hailiang Group Co., Ltd. (“Hailiang Group”), a related party, will become a new engine for nurturing advanced educational concepts and technologies, cultivating outstanding talents, and promoting the full development of high-quality education. Hailiang Education R&D Center is committed to become China’s first-tier think tank, and leading development of innovations in private education sector. Hailiang Education R&D Centre will aim to become the landmark project of Hailiang Group and an influential project in Hangzhou City, China. We expect to complete Hailiang Education R&D Center by the end of 2021.

Three Major Actions in the New Era

Revitalizing Education in Underdeveloped Regions

In this new era when China is building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, basic education in many county level economies of underdeveloped areas in central and western of China is still behind the rest of China. Hailiang Education will actively promote the “the charity action of revitalizing education in underdeveloped regions”, which is to improve the overall education quality in the region by setting up our schools, so that high-quality educational resources can reach more areas in China. By 2025, we expect to serve 2.5 million students and teacher, and to help 500 schools in underdeveloped regions, to comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching, and facilitate the revitalization of education in underdeveloped areas.

Building a Highland for Outstanding Education,

Zhuji Hailiang Education Park will turn into a flagship campus of Hailiang Education. For the compulsory education stage, we plan to build high-end primary schools, middle schools and international schools. For the high school stage, the Company will further build up different modules of schools, such as science and technology schools, humanities schools, international schools, art schools, and sports schools. At the same time, Hailiang Education will operate an integrated education center on autism, and pave the road for the employment of disabled youths. Our goal is to become one of the best schools in China by 2035.

Building an Education Community in “Belt and Road Initiative” Economies

The international headquarters set up by Hailiang Education in Singapore in April 2020 will serve as a bridgehead to comprehensively promote the Company’s international talent strategy in “Belt and Road Initiative” economies. Hailiang Education will build our basic education schools in countries along the “Belt and Road Initiative” route, build schools for international students and overseas Chinese students, export our education services overseas through Hailiang Mingyou, and strengthen Hailiang Education branding internationally. By 2025, Hailiang Education expects to have 10 schools outside China and become China’s leading education brand globally.

About Hailiang Education Group Inc.

Hailiang Education (Nasdaq: HLG) is one of the largest primary, middle, and high school educational service providers in China. The Company primarily focuses on providing distinguished, specialized, and internationalized education. Hailiang Education is dedicated to providing students with high-quality primary, middle, and high school, and international educational services and highly valuing the quality of students’ life, study, and development. Hailiang Education adapts its education services based upon its students’ individual aptitudes. Hailiang Education is devoted to improving its students’ academic capabilities, cultural accomplishments, and international perspectives. Hailiang Education operates multilingual programs including Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and French. In addition, Hailiang Education has launched various diversified high-quality courses, such as Mathematical Olympiad courses, A-level courses, Australia Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) courses, IELTS courses, TOEFL courses, as well as SAT courses. The Company has also formed an extensive cooperative network with more than 200 educational institutions and universities globally. Hailiang Education is committed to making great effort to provide its students with greater opportunities to enroll in well-known domestic and international universities to further their education. For more information, please visit

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains information about Hailiang Education’s view of its future expectations, plans, and prospects that constitute forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are made under the safe harbor provisions of the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statements other than statements of historical facts in this announcement are forward-looking statements, including but not limited to the following: general economic conditions in China, competition in the education industry in China, the expected growth of the Chinese private education market, Chinese governmental policies relating to private educational services and providers of such services, health epidemics and other outbreaks in China, the Company’s business plans, the Company’s future business development, results of operations, and financial condition, expected changes in the Company’s revenue and certain cost or expense items, its ability to raise additional funding, its ability to maintain and grow its business, variability of operating results, its ability to maintain and enhance its brand, its development and introduction of new products and services, the number of students entrusted by schools, the successful integration of acquired companies, technologies and assets into its portfolio of software and services, marketing and other business development initiatives, dependence on key personnel, the ability to attract, hire, and retain personnel who possess the technical skills and experience necessary to meet the requirements of its clients, and its ability to protect its intellectual property, the outcome of ongoing, or any future, litigation or arbitration, including those relating to copyright and other intellectual property rights, and other risks detailed in the Company’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”). Hailiang Education may also make written or oral forward-looking statements in its periodic reports to the SEC, in its annual report to shareholders, in press releases and other written materials, and in oral statements made by its officers, directors, or employees to third parties. Statements that are not historical facts, including statements about Hailiang Education’s beliefs and expectations, are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements involve inherent risks and uncertainties, whether known or unknown, and are based on current expectations and projections about future events and financial trends that the Company believes may affect its financial condition, results of operations, business strategy, and financial needs. Investors can identify these forward-looking statements by words or phrases such as “may,” “will,” “will make,” “will be,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “aim,” “estimate,” “intend,” “plan,” “believe,” “potential,” “continue,” “endeavor to,” “is/are likely to,” or other similar expressions. Further information regarding these and other risks is included in our annual report on Form 20-F and other filings with the SEC. All information provided in this press release is as of the date of this press release, and Hailiang Education undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements, except as may be required under applicable law.  

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