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Piotr for Wiweca escort wrote:
In fact I would go so far as to say that the REAL reason for the Trip is to tell the guy he knocked her up. I don't think her husband is the father of this child. You don't throw caution to the wind and risk your marriage at 2 months pregnant and go halfway around the world to hookup unless it is for really good reason. see the review
Telares for Luwam escort wrote:
She has offered more information than she had to which is good, but if she ends up going she would likely cheat. see the review
Persuade for Elise Maria escort wrote:
As was stated, just keep dolling out the rope.... see the review
Latinist for Tigra Milana escort wrote:
Side question: has your gf cheated on a bf / husband in the past? Might be a good time to find out. You can start a convo in a non accusatory manner asking about the affair and if she's ever had one. "No big deal if you did" (yeah, right). see the review
Conked for Mseer escort wrote:
What did she actually apologise for though? see the review
Harpies for Nanny Li escort wrote:
For basically bringing me to a wedding as her guest, leaving me there to fend for myself, and then sleeping with someone else. see the review
Tigons for Nedzete escort wrote:
Just have fun and keep being you. Other chick is a C-word, and you are pure gold. King Midas type. Keep it going bro. see the review
Tomato for Losica escort wrote:
As regards to the bridesmaid that you are seeing now. She is well worth getting to know I think. For her to do the right thing even at the risk of her friendship speaks volumes. Also she might not regret losing such a friend that would do what she did. see the review
Unclutchable for Linn Kathrin escort wrote:
Guilty, no. But it does sound like a bit of game playing going on. see the review
Shicer for Resapaw escort wrote:
I understand from your perspective this may give you a bit of an ego boost to make you feel like you are getting one over on her with her friend, but I am wondering what this friend's agenda is? see the review
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