December 6, 2023


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Google Drive is currently down for education customers

Google Drive is currently facing an outage that prevents education customers from accessing their files and folders. Downdetector reports suggest that the issues began sometime at 9:30AM ET and have since increased. Multiple users have also taken to Twitter to report the issues.

The problems seem to be affecting users mostly in the U.S. since most reports seem to be coming from that country. Most users report being unable to access files on their education account, but there seems to be no impact on regular G Suite users or Enterprise customers. The G Suite Status dashboard, however, does not flag outages to any of Google’s services. However, the Google for Education Twitter account has acknowledged that the company is investigating the incident.

The early morning outage has affected schools in the U.S. that are returning from the extended weekend. There is no indication about when the services will be restored, and since the status dashboard does not display any indications, users will have to resort to refreshing Drive folders to check if the cloud storage service is back up and running.

We will keep an eye for any communication on the outage and will update the article accordingly when more information becomes available.

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