October 22, 2020


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Dr. Thomas Meredith: Sue Ford has the knowledge needed to fix school funding | Letters

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I am writing to urge support of Sue Ford, Democrat, in her run to represent...

I am writing to urge support of Sue Ford, Democrat, in her run to represent District 1 in the New Hampshire Senate. She has served four terms in the NH House and has the experience to be an excellent state senator.

One particular area of concern to folks in the North Country and other rural areas of the state is school funding which has reached a crisis situation. The North Country has much less taxable property to draw from than the southern portion of the state, which means more of the tax burden falls on fewer property owners. Last year Berlin had to close its elementary school because we didn’t have funds for renovations. In Berlin, more than 60 percent of the land is not taxable due to national forests, prisons, hospitals and churches. It’s obvious that the current funding system is broken. We need to fix it.

With her background as a teacher, principal and central office administrator for more than 40 years, Sue Ford has the knowledge needed to work on adequate school funding while keeping local property taxes in check.

In the NH House she has served on the committee that is responsible for developing NH House budgets for the Department of Education, among others. That experience will help her to support the North Country’s rural communities that bear an unfair tax burden for the necessary job of educating future generations.

In the House, Ford has supported efforts to end property tax downshifting to ease the burden on local taxpayers. Please join me in voting for Sue Ford for Senate District 1.

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