December 5, 2023


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Can’t Secure Your Dream Job? Create Your Own

It’s no secret that the global coronavirus pandemic has significantly spiked the recent rise in unemployment rates. While being jobless is difficult for many, it can be especially hard for college students and recent graduates, since most have a load of student loans to carry, and some students may not have relevant experience to find a new job quickly.

We’ve come to know that many posts are either based on the traditional nine-to-five, Monday through Friday model or have a specific adjusted schedule. As the times change, so do the people and the job titles. Many positions in high demand today (think SEO or CRO specialists) didn’t even exist pre-digital age and weren’t that common at the beginning of the decade. However, there isn’t just a change in job titles.

People are also revisiting their career paths and daring to go in different directions. Sharon, who has a Ph.D. in Medicine, became a mother not long after completing her studies. Although she had devoted time and energy to her field, she “wanted to do a job that would allow me some flexibility to be there for my child as much as possible”. She had to admit that pursuing a full-time career in medicine while staying close with her family wasn’t something she could achieve. She decided to start her path and began researching ways to start an online business. Sharon isn’t the only one. It has now become a trend for young people to be looking for ways to generate higher income while improving the flexibility of their working hours. Since the E-commerce industry can offer adjustability options (working from home, being your own boss), the industry is continuously booming—global e-commerce sales have grown more than three-fold since 2014.

During her research for a trusted e-commerce provider, Sharon started exploring business options for her online store. She thought she would be most interested in selling printed products with personalized designs that would resonate with science moms like herself. While comparing print-on-demand companies, she came across print-on-demand drop shipper Printful. Sharon is currently working on perfecting her store and plans on launching it in August 2020. As far as her product designs go, she gets inspired by both her personal and professional experiences. “My the store will mostly consist of designs about being a mom. It will include baby-related designs and interesting things that scientists can relate to due to my 10-year scientific background,” adds Sharon.

However, It’s not just the lack of employment and a chance for a flexible work schedule that drives young talent to look for job opportunities online, but also the ability to easily share their art with people willing to pay for it. Vincent—a recent Biological Sciences graduate—found out about print-on-demand and drop shipping after graduation when he was unable to find a job in his field. Unemployment can make people consider a change of career path, and sometimes—just like with Sharon—science can lead to art. “I thought it’d be a great idea to start doing my tribal designs and selling them,” says Vincent. “Since I started designing, I created a page on Facebook to introduce my designs. A lot of people were interested, so I sold my designs offline.” Even though it’s possible to launch a successful offline business—with a touch of digital advertising, of course—the options to reach new customers are way more limited than online.

After selling his tribal designs offline for a while, Vincent became clear that to attract more potential customers. He would have to start selling online and create an online store. With services like Printful, setting up is easy and with no upfront costs. All that’s necessary is a little creativity, ambition, and a passion for driving business. “I am currently in the process of customizing my online store,” comments Vincent, “so I’d be able to sell the designs to a wider community.” Even though battling unemployment or switching to a different career path might be challenging, it can be a rewarding experience.

Now people can share their art and find a customer base quicker than ever. The digital age has brought great opportunities to start an online business smoothly, and people are putting in their efforts to make the best of it. It’s not necessary to have skills of a tech-savvy marketer or an e-commerce professional, because selling online is for everybody.

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