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Stumbles for Wanlapa escort wrote:
you could write a timeline of the A for your B/F and give it to him. see the review
Taximen for Sabrina2903 escort wrote:
make one detailed and the other the summary. see the review
Elementary for Ardiane escort wrote:
Do not have him interact any more with your B/F. that is extremely cruel. see the review
Fogging for Heide escort wrote:
if you do care about your B/F, start protecting him and have NC with the OM. see the review
Warrin for Maeit escort wrote:
complete NC. see the review
Yabble for Irma Lill escort wrote:
also, start protecting your relationship and your B/F and stop protecting the OM. Tell his girlfriend what happened. see the review
Mantlet for Parimalathevy escort wrote:
Be honest with your B/F. see the review
Rizzo for Matiana escort wrote:
How would you feel if he dated and had sex with someone else for several months? Would you be hurt? see the review
Animate for Charou escort wrote:
Do not marry him. You have destroyed him. He will never forget this. see the review
Soilure for Shaiboun escort wrote:
good luck, but stay away from the OM. He cheated on his girlfriend. He used you for sex. He does not love you. see the review
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